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What every woman should never do to their private part


The majority of women will have one complaint of the other to give on their vagina health. But do you realize most of these problems are caused by the way we care for the inner place? Your diet, what you wear down there, and the cleaning pattern.

This article will analyze 7 bad behavior that can affect your vagina health.

1  Washing

Your vagina doesn’t need any special washing. Before you say anything, we aren’t not saying you should never clean it, What we are saying is cleaning under there is not like washing your feet or armpit with scrubbing and lathering with soap. Scrubbing is generally out of it. It destroys the place, makes it raw and uncomfortable. Soap can also cause irritation but instead use ordinary water and if you must use a cleaning solution, go an unscented, hypoallergenic one. Just apply it using your hand.

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2. Your Sanitary Pad

If you don’t know, a sanitary pad can spell trouble for your inner region. If your private part is sensitive, then wearing a sanitary napkin all day can irritate it. If you really want to continue wearing pads, go for the cotton type.

3 Using Panty Linear

The vaginal discharge that you experience a natural one if not offensive. It’s the Process by which your body part cleans throughout.  Wearing a panty liner for this normal discharge is not good for the vaginal. But if the need arises to wear a panty liner, wear it for long.

4 Shaving Your Pubic Hair

This hair down there is doing a major work if you don’t know. It’s preserving the air pocket in the private part. The hair pocket helps in keeping the area dry and inhospitable for germs. In the absence of hair, there’s is no hair pocket leading to the accumulation of moisture there due to sweating. Some women, shaving might be more hygienic, but the truth is it can affect your vaginal health negatively. If you must shave, just trim the hair.

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5.Wearing Rubber Pant and Leggings

This has a negative effect on your vaginal because sweat is the breeding ground for all bacteria including yeast infection.  Always go for cotton pants and if possible don’t wear your leggings le too long. Remember to always take a bath immediately after removing it.

Tips to healthy Vagina You Need to Know as a Woman

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6. Poor Diet

I know you will wonder how diet affects your vaginal health but wait, having a poor is not only bad for your health in general also for your vaginal health. For example, if women consume a diet that has high sugar content, then it can cause an overgrowth of the bacteria responsible for causing yeast infection.

If you indulge in spicy food it can alter the natural PH of your vagina which in turn can make it smell different. To prevent this, you should include probiotics in your diet. It will help in the growth of beneficial bacteria in your gut and do the same for your region as well.



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