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    Benefits of Colostrum to a Neonate


    Colostrum is the first milk mother produce immediately after delivery, within 72hours of given birth. It’s yellowish and thicker than the regular breast milk. Colostrum is a highly concentrated form of breast milk that contains immune-boosting properties. It’s very precious to the baby and can only be produced for a short time but, it makes a huge contribution to the baby’s health in the first 12month of life.

    Benefits of colostrum to Newborn

    Colostrum fight infection. It’s majorly white blood cells that provide antibiotics that fight infections which is essential for your newborn to adapt to the new environment. These antibiotics help the immature gut from tummy upset and diarrhea

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    Colostrum helps to prevent neonatal jaundice. It acts like a laxative that makes the newborn poo frequently and expels all the ingested waste while in pregnancy like meconium. First three days are crucial for the baby to take colostrum

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    Provide vitamins and minerals needs for the baby

    The yellowish color of the colostrum is from the carotenoids and Vitamin A. Newborn usually has low Vitamin A at birth and colostrum helps to build up the deficit.

    Mothers or supportive people around the new mother should endeavor to feed the baby with this first milk at cost. Because it becomes irrelevant after 72hours.

    In case Premature Babies;

    Premature babies sucking reflex might not be mature enough to suck this first milk at birth, but don’t worry, the milk can be extracted and given the baby through a tube or with a clean syringe.

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    All pregnant women should note of this and be prepared to give their child this breast milk Instantly after birth.

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