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When Your Child Says ” I Can’t Do It” What Should You Do?


Why do children say, “I can’t!

Is it laziness? Well, maybe. You don’t need to get deranged or yell at them But first, you should consider these potential causes.

1.  Lack of confidence If a child has experienced failure many times, he could potentially start to believe that he really can’t do the task required of him.

2. Lack of understanding
When it comes to learning, if the material doesn’t make sense to the child, he’ll try to avoid doing the work.

3.Fear of failure
Some children are afraid of making mistakes. Instead of taking risks, they prefer to stay in their comfort zone and avoid doing tasks that they could potentially fail.

                What You Need to Do;

1. Turn Those “I Can’t Do It’s” Into Confidence And ” I Can Do Anything’s!”

With a few relatively simple steps, you can turn those “I Can’t Do It’s” into confident “I Can Do Anything’s.”

Remember not to rescue your little one, but encourage them to complete the task on their own with some help from you.

Be encouraging and focus on the process instead of the product. Please learn from my mistakes.

Remember to take breaks and get playful when things get really hard, and most of all are present and engaged in your child’s difficult situation so you can help them through their problem by offering solutions or brainstorming a fix together.

2.When Your Child Says ” I Can’t”

It’s definitely discouraging to hear your once confident and “I Can Do Anything!” child all of a sudden slip into the “I Can’t” mode.

3. Give Extra Attention

When your little one is having some trouble and has the “I Can’t Do It” attitude, they need a little bit of extra attention from you.

Be sure to give lots of encouragement, followed by hugs and celebrations when appropriate.

Sometimes children feel defeated and less confident when they feel alone in a task, and they really need you for that moral support.

It is definitely ok to give your child extra attention when they need it, after all, they aren’t going to be little for long, and soon enough they won’t need you as much, so enjoy this time!

4.Brainstorm Solutions

If your child is feeling stuck in the “I Can’t Do It” attitude, see if you can sit together and brainstorm solutions to the problem.

For example, when we were new to the schooling at the home process a month ago, my oldest really had a problem with it. He couldn’t do any school work; it was just too hard for him.

So we sat down and talked about what can make the situation better.
We came up with the fact that he needed a schedule.

He wanted to know what time math was and if reading came before or after writing.

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When we figured out what time we were going to wake up and start school work and an order to the job, things become so much easier, and the ” I Can’t Do It” attitude disappeared.

You can do this too, just talk to your child and see if you can brainstorm some solutions together!


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