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    7 Ways to Handle a S3xless Marriage


    A s3xless marriage is often common in an older couple or couple who lives apart.

    In a relationship, the frequency of s3x tends to be lower as the marriage ages. Then most couple tends to discover s3x as not necessary after staying together for decades.

    If this situation is not well managed, it could lead to divorce. Good s3x is the pillar of the union because it renews love and affection between the two.

    A marriage in which s3x is wanting is at the edge of dissolving if no action taken is taken on time.

    7 Steps to Fix a S3xless Marriage are;
    1. Identify your Marriage is becoming S3xless

    Firstly, both couples should sit down and Identify the cause of their problems. What happened to their s3x life? Why is s3x not continual like at the beginning of the marriage? Rule out the cause and find a solution out from the problem identified.

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    2 Create a S3x Roster

    Creating a s3x roster works a lot in bringing back a good s3x life. Developing this entails both opinions, pick the day you’re both satisfied with and available to enjoy yourself. Always be ready at the stipulated time.

    3. Always listen to each other opinions

    Couples need to respect each other opinions and feelings towards s3x. Try to understand your partner and what will better his or her s3xual life as well.

    4. Get a Private Place

    Some couples feel unsaved have s3x once they have adults children still living with them. This shouldn’t be a problem to make the marriage go s3xless but rather find a private place or time when those family members will be away or asleep. Sometimes ago, I came across a woman who has four grown-up children and lives in a room with her husband and the four children. This woman told me having routine s3x with her husband is a bit difficult even at night when they assume those children might have sleep.

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    5. Use Modern Family Planning Method if Fear of Pregnancy is your Cause

    Never worry about what has a solution. Most couples don’t go to the right place for genuine information on their reproductive health.

    Family planning enables couples to make an informed choice. With modern contraceptives methods, both are bound to enjoy each other at any time for life. Visit any family planning provider office and make your choice. It’s not harmful nor killing.

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    6. Go on Vacations Together

    At least once in a year try to found a secluded place where you both enjoy intimacy without any form of disturbances, discuss your s3xual life and give your best at the moment of the vacation. Always appreciate the whole fun of it.

    7. Consult S3x Counselor Where Necessary

    Some situations may need an assistant of a counselor to be able to overcome the s3xless situation. Don’t be shy to express your challenges to your counselor.

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