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Tony Elumelu and his lovely wife of over two decades


Tony Onyeamachi Elumelu is well known as one of the most popular entrepreneurs in Nigeria and Africa, he is an African economist, and philanthropist.

He is the chairman of Heirs Holdings, the United Bank for Africa, Transcorp, and founder of The Tony Elumelu Foundation. Elumelu holds the Nigerian national honors, th Commander of the Order of the Niger, and Member of the Order of the Federal Republic (MFR) in 2003. He received Nigeria’s National Productivity Order of Merit in 2019.
As a business leader and industry captain on the continent.

Before we talk about his marriage, it is important we look into his net worth. The Nigerian entrepreneur and chairman of Heirs Holdings are worth over a 1.98billion USD.
He is one of the top 10 richest in Nigeria.

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Tony Onyeamachi Elumelu’s Family
He is married to Dr. Awele Vivian Elumelu over 25years now, they are both blessed with 7children, 5girls, and 2boys(twins).

It is believed that on a search to get a male child Tony Elumelu kept having babies until the twin baby boys finally came through. The couples gave birth to five straight beautiful female children.
Ogor Elumelu, Onyinye Elumelu, Oge Elumelu, Ugo Elumelu, Nneka Elumelu.
wow! this man must be a lucky man.

According to Wikipedia Dr.Vivian had her sons at 47 while Tony was 52.

Tony Elumelu was married to Dr. Awele Elumelu, for over two decades.
After five beautiful girls, Awele eventually bore Tony a pair of twin handsome boys in 2015. Tony Elumelu and Tony Elumelu.

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Tony has been immensely praised for exhibiting enviable elderliness and hostility.
While so many other men would have taken mistresses outside wedlock and subjected their wives to emotional and physical anguish for failing to bear them sons, Tony lovingly and respectfully stood by his wife.

Tony never gave up on his wife even after the 5th child, Tony never had a second thought he was so honest with his wife. He is such a deferential man.

Regardless of his hectic schedule, Elumelu is a devoted parent who spends quality time with his twin children.

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Mr & Mrs Tunde Obe, Showbiz Couple Married 22 years ago

Vivian Elumelu is an Investment Professional at Heirs Holdings Limited.

Seeing that there’s power in couples who work hand in hand to create better lives for their children and many Nigerians. It is no surprise that they also show off their love for each other as much as they work hard.

Vivian is also the Chairperson of Avon Healthcare Limited and also the Chief Executive Officer of Avon Medical Services Limited. She oversees the healthcare investments of her husband’s Heirs Holdings.

Behind every successful man, there is perceived to be a strong woman and vice versa.


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