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Toke Makinwa shares how she survived her divorce


Famous Nigerian media personality and actress, Toke Makinwa has narrated to her fans how she survived her divorce.

The media personality was married to Maje Ayida after years of an unsteady relationship.

A follower who seems to be also going through the same thing reached out to ask Toke how she survived and Toke gave her some advice.

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“I took it one day at a time hun,” Toke explained, adding, “had good days, bad days, the dark cloud won’t last forever. I promise you’ll smile again.

She also comforted another follower who is dealing with a divorce, writing:

“It is a dark valley but what doesn’t kill you will only wish it did cos you’re reborn. You will rise from it all, I promise.”

They went their separate ways shortly after they got married.


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