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15 Tips to Healthy Female Part

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Women must be able to identify signs of vagina infection in other to have healthy vagina such as itching, swelling, pelvic pain, foul-smelling discharge, either green, yellow or gray discharge, foamy or clumpy like cottage cheese discharge.


1. Good personal hygiene, keeping your genital area clean and dry always.

2. Stop using soap, disinfectant or antiseptic liquid on the vulva but rather rinse the area with water.

3. Don’t ever apply hygiene spray, fragrance, or powder near the vagina.

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4. Don’t use cloth or tissue paper for menstrual flow but rather use recommended sanitary pads and it shouldn’t stay over 4 hours before you change it

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4. You must wipe your genital from front to back after using the toilet to prevent transferring microbes from the anal area to the external genitalia.

6. Keep your blood sugar under control if you have diabetes. Too much sugar in the body can cause a yeast infection.

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7. Wear cotton underwear during the day and no underwear while sleeping. This will help your private breath.

8. Always use cold water to clean your genital area. Preferably, the cold water bath is the best.

9. Reduce sugar consumption as yeast thrive well on sugar.

10 Take antibiotics only when necessary as these upset the body. Too much or prolonged use of antibiotics poses a threat to vagina health.

11. Shower after intercourse or oral sex and never should a medicated or Antiseptics soap on the area.

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12. Consider contraceptive choice as estrogen-based contraceptive may promote the growth of yeast

13. Never share your underwear with another person.

14. If you’re on (IUD) intrauterine device family planning method, You should increase your level of personal hygiene

15. Never cleans your private area with medication soap or antiseptic lotions in other to protect the normal flora that fights infection for you in that area.

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