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7 Tips to Maintaining Healthy Sperm


Sperm shelf examination is what every man supposes to know how to do in themselves.

Although aging plays a role in semen quality. Everyman can produce sperm till they reach age 80 years, but the quality of it starts to decline as a man passes age 40, and the motility also slows.

Motility is the ability to move towards an egg, things you need to check is the color of the semen, and this will tell you a lot about your reproductive health.

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Sperm Color to Note at Home;

1.Cloudy White or Grey
Normal semen is usually cloudy white or grey with a jelly-like consistency. If this is the color of your sperm then I will still say perfect. But you must stick to a healthy lifestyle to maintain the quality.

2.Pink, Red-brown or Orange
This might possibly be hematochezia or blood in semen. In most cases, it could be because of vigorous sex or masturbation which should go on its own a few days after. In worse cases, it could be as a result of STD like herpes, Chlamydia, gonorrhea, or prostate infection. If you are having pain on or around your crotch area, try to consult your doctor.

Black semen is caused mostly by old blood from previous injuries such as spinal cord injury. Consult your doctor if you’re noticing this color.

4.Yellow or Green
Yellow or green semen on the other hand is usually linked to leftover urine mixed with semen. But in some other cases, it could be a sign of medical problems like urinary tract infection, prostate problems, or STDS. If you’re having pain after ejaculating, you need to consult your doctor.

Tips for maintaining healthy sperm;

1. Eat well
Take an adequate diet that contains all the major food nutrients which not only give you energy but also nourish the sperm factory. Food with folates like green -vegetables, potatoes, and legumes helps to increase sperm count, while vitamin D, fatty- fish, cereals, and so on ensure sperm optimum shape and motility. Fatty- fish also contain omega-3 fatty acids which also improve health generally.

2.Reduce stress
The mind needs to be relaxed, and stress is known to decrease sexual performance or shut down the sperm factory completely. It’s important to keep yourself relaxed if you’re hoping to get healthy sperm.

3. Stop smoking
Studies show that smoking lowers sperm count, decreases s motility. Likewise, smoking is also linked to causing increased miscarriage. If you quit smoking now, you will see improvement in just 90 days of the same time it takes sperm to reach maturity

4. Avoid Heat to th Private Area.
Sperm only produces at a cool temperature. So when it’s summer, try to avoid heat on the testicles, then hot bath should be kept at a minimum, opt for loose shorts instead of tight pants. Keep the factory cool always if you want healthy sperm.

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