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20 Best Tips to Prevent Blindness

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Blindness is the least thing we could wish for ourselves and loved ones. It could be a partial or permanent one but whichever, We should try to take good care of our eye.

The eye is a vital organ in the body that needs to be protected.  Eyesight deteriorates as people get older or due to certain health conditions. A regular eye examination is the best way to protect your eyesight and prevent blindness

Healthy eye practice to note;

1. Do not apply sugar water, breast milk, battery water, camphor, local gin, urine, native herbs, onion water into the eyes

2. Do not separate fight if you have only one seeing eye.

3. Do not use eye drug belonging to another person with the same eye complaint

4. Avoid rubbing the eye with dirty hands, dirty handkerchief

5. Avoid self-medication

6.Avoiding rubbing the eyes when there is a foreign body in the eye

7.Wear protective goggles if you are a welder or an industrial worker

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8. Immunize your child with measles vaccine and other five killer diseases. Note, measles complication can result in blindness

9. Wash your face with clean water always

10. Wash your eye  with soap and water frequently

11. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables

12. Do not play nor allow children to play with sharp objects like forks, knives, pencil, broom, sticks, etc

13. Avoid tobacco smoke

14. Try to take a glass of green tea daily

15.Manage your blood sugar

16.Wear sunglasses

17. Check your eyes at least once in a year

18. Never apply an unprescribed medication on the eye.

19. Consult your doctor if you’re noticing some symptoms on the eye.

20. Don’t share eye medications with family and friends, because indication for prescribing the medication may not be similar to your eye condition and could lead to blindness

If you know other tips on eye care, please share it in the comment section.




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