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6 Best Ways to Overcome Sugar Addiction

Sugar cravings

The most dangerous food carving is perhaps the sweet sugar, which is an ingredient of almost all the dreadful sweet things that are served up in this modern time. The carving for eating more sugar gives a similar effect as that of the natural opioids in the brain which is similar to drugs like morphine which reduce the intensity of pain signal reaching the brain and affect those brain areas controlling emotions which diminished the effect of a painful stimulus.

Sugar withdrawal symptoms

Signs of any withdrawal become apparent when the absurd substance is no longer available or chemically blocked. Not everyone will experience the same type of symptoms but will vary accordingly to how strongly one is addicted to the sweetening.

Few of the symptoms are

One of the evident withdrawal effects stopping sugar is craving which is difficult to overcome but with self-control and keeping away from you can reduce the craving gradually to the point the craving is reduced completely. It is advisable to keep the sweet things out of sight especially chocolate

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Appetite changes

Sugar eating in some people can potentially increase the craving of carbohydrates when one-stop consumption of it. Fluctuation in daily increase or decrease in the intake of food.

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Weight change

Most people notice they lose weight when they drop sugar consumption.


It can sometimes act like a boosting agent in our body producing more energy. But when someone starts cutting it down, one may experience fatigue & lethargy which may last for some weeks.

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The anxiety level in some people may fluctuation during the withdrawal period


In some individuals, dizziness may occur when they stop it, it’s advisable for some time to have energy drinks which are having citric content in it.


This is seen in some people that are highly addicted to it, withdrawal can lead to their depression.


The elimination of sugar from the body will change the metabolism in the body. One may experience a slight headache but gradually it will subside.

How to overcome sugar withdrawal

1. Reduce processed food which is having sugar content in it. Avoid biscuit, donut, soft drinks, cakes, chocolate, etc. Replace it with homemade food which is more nutritious. This will allow your body to depend less on it.

2. Stop adding sugar to your food and beverages. Replace it with other substitutes i.e fruits. The fruit has natural sugars, but it’s also loaded with vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. Eat fresh fruit whenever you are craving sugar.

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3. Drinking plenty of water will actually curb the craving for it.

4. Exercise daily. It doesn’t mean strenuous exercise.

5. Take fermented foods and drink which drastically reduces the craving of sugar. Drink probiotics like young coconut kefir.

6. Drinking green vegetable juice not only helps in reducing the craving of sugar but also processed food. Sugar-free life will definitely live a quality life that is less prone to diseases.

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