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    The Sumptuous Taste in Amala and Ewedu


    Amala and Ewedu Soup is one of the popular food in the western part of Nigeria. The pair of this gives a sumptuous taste. Amala is an indigenous Nigerian food popular among the Yorubas.
    It is made out of Yam (Amala Isu), Cassava ( Amala Lafun), or unripe Plantain (Amala Ogede). To make Amala from yam, Yams are peeled, Sliced and dried then you blend into flour.
    This flour will be brown , this is the colour of Amala. Amala is a swallow food that can be paired with different Nigerian soup, but Ewedu Soup make it very tasty.

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    Ewedu Soup on the other hand is an indigenous soup to the Yorubas, it is prepared locally by mashing it with a small bunch of broomstick (called ‘Ijabe’) to crush the Ewedu leaves to liquid, a blender can also be used instead of a broomstick.

    1. A handfull of Ewedu leaves.
    2. 2 teaspoon of crayfish.
    3. 1 teaspoon of iru (locust beans)
    4. A pinch of salt to taste.
    5. Chilli pepper.
    6. Assorted boiled meat.
    7. Seasonings
    1. To make Ewedu soup, you pick the leaves from the stalk, then wash the leaves carefully.
    2. Pour the washed leaves in a pot and add little water in order not to make the soup too watery.
    3. Boil for about 5 minutes. Do not cover the pot while cooking the soup.
    4. Reduce heat or take the pot off the cooker, then mash with broomstick, till it turns liquid.
    5. Return the pot to the cooker, pour crayfish, Chilli pepper, Iru, seasonings, pinch of salt and your boiled meat into the pot of mashed Ewedu.
    6. Boil for about two minutes, then your Ewedu soup is ready.

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     The King’s Meal, Pounded Yam

    The only ingredients needed for making Amala are:
    1. Boiled water, and
    2. Any type of flour of your choice.

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             HOW TO PREPARE AMALA.
    1. Boil your water in a pot
    2. Reduce the heat when the water is boiled.
    3. Add your Yam flour slowly and stir well with a turning wooden stick, until it becomes thick and smooth.
    With this your Amala is ready! Serve with the prepared Ewedu soup and enjoy your sumptuous Amala and Ewedu meal while hot!

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