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Pastor & Prophetess Olubori the Adorable Couple of over 20 years

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Prophet and Prophetess Olubori are one of the lovely couples you will love to meet after reading their love story. They are the founder of Rock of Salvation Apostolic Church Nigeria and London. They got married over two decades ago and blessed with six children.

Their love story Pastor &Prophetess Olubori

Prophetess Mary Oluborihappens to be the founder of Havilah mountain in Ibadan. A prayer mountain where people visit for prayer and meet the prophetess for visions and directions. here

“That year, my husband had a problem in his workplace. He was working with jamb then. He also got contracts from the state and local governments. Everything wasn’t working as expected, so he came to the mountain for prayers. I sighted him where he was praying under the tree, he’s yellow in complexion and had a round face, so jokingly I called Indian man I started giving him the messages God gave me to him.

I told him about the storm that was ravaging his company, I told him about his failed marriage attempts and he confirmed all prophecies. I told him to pray for 3days that God is going to give him his wife.

So after our service ended he came to me to further explain what is really with him and confirmed all the messages I gave him, that it was as if I had known him before.

He asked for my church and I told him we don’t have a church yet but we have where we fellowship and do counseling. I gave him the address, he came and we got to know each other.

After a week of his visitation, I told him about our land that we’re about to start the foundation. He came on that foundation-laying day and also supported us financially. As at then, we hadn’t started our Sunday services but he promised to join us.

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There was a day I went into a fast for 7days and instructed them to take me out of the house. They had to rush and complete 2 rooms on the land we just laid it’s the foundation and put me there.

After 7days a prophet from Erinmo mountain came to tell me that God told him that I ‘ve seen my own husband. I was so skeptical in going into any relationship then because I had lots of admirers especially prophet who wanted to marry me then, but God has instructed me through a man of God in Isolo, they him Baba Kogberegbe, that  I must not marry a pastor or prophet, that if I did, he’s going to envy my glory because I  was destined to be a destined woman of God.

The Prophet asked if we took any picture on the day laid the foundation and I said Yes. I gave him the pictures, he looked through and pointed to my husband that God said he’s the one. I initially disagreed with him because I’ve been told that I don’t have luck when it comes to men.

Later I said to myself that I’m the one that even knows this now, how am I going to tell him, knowing fully well that it’s not possible to woo him. Moreso I’ve also made a covenant with God that I will not marry a man that has to kneel down before me. But the prophet said he has delivered his own message as instructed by God and he returned back to Oshogbo.

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After that, I called a man, an Evangelist that is working with me then and we started brainstorming on how to go about it.

Funny enough we don’t even know how to contact him then, there was no GSM and we did even have his contact address. But as God would have it, he shows up on Tuesday with a cutlass in his hand that he came to clean the environment.

He started cleaning and tilling the ground while I was busy counseling the visitors, but as he was doing that, I was looking at him and murmuring in my mind that ” is this the man I ‘m going to marry”, how can I marry a bald man, God forbid.” I was seriously fighting in my mind.

After the service that day, Evangelist Bola called his attention that he would love to see him, he asked him, If God says Mummy is your wife, how will you feel? He was surprised by that question and he asked ” Is mummy not married?” The evangelist laughed and said, ” Mummy is still single.” Then he said he would be the luckiest man on earth and that would also bring a total end to all his battle (laughs).

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That was how he obliged. Though I was scared because I’ m just an SSCE holder while he is a graduate. Later we both went to meet the man in Oshogbo. The man of God there gave us a message not do an elaborate wedding and we must have our wedding in 15days time and no family members must know about it.

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My husband declined that he doesn’t have money, it was a debt that led him to the mountain. He had only one car and he cannot sell it to finance a wedding.

At that time, God had blessed me, already rented a 3bedroom flat. The prophet said he should go to Olorun Kole mountain for 15days, that I should dress up in my wedding gown the 15th day and meet him there to be joined together. So I bought all the necessary things needed like his shoe, belt, ring, suit, and even bought for the best man. That was why he said in 2015 that he’s the one marrying me now because I was the one that married him then. (laugh)

According to prophetess Olubori, they suffered before fame came. I fasted to some extent that I can’t even menstruate again and I have to go to the hospital. Later my husband was ordained as a pastor now pastor Isaac Olubori. In 2015, we had the proper church wedding, engagement and went to the registry to legalized our union as Mr& Mrs. Olubori.

God told us he would take our ministry to London and America 19years ago, one of the Evangelist said we are deceiving ourselves.

Lo and behold God has done it. My husband and I are also close and we love each other. He has never queried my spending and I have never done that too. God has been helping us.”

This Olubori’s love story is very interesting to read. See the lovely pictures of Pastor and Prophetes Olubori and their children below




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