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    The King’s Meal, Pounded Yam


    Pounded yam is a popular and very delicious meal in Nigeria and it’s  a staple in some West Africa homes. It is simply boiled white yam that has undergone the process of pounding. Pounded Yam can not be eaten alone, it can be paired with different tasty Africa Soup like Egusi, Ogbono, Okra soup, Just leaves Soup (Ewedu), Stewed vegetable (Efo Riro),e.t.c. Pounded Yam is often referred to as a “King’s meal’.

    Growing up, we used what we call Mortal and Pestle to pound the Yam until it becomes smooth. This takes lots of time and energy, as it can’t be done without you sweating. This is now the story of the past as the processing of ‘pounding’ has been synthesizing and taken way. We now have a hand mixer for making pounded Yam or dry flour can be bought in the market. The flour needs only about ten minutes of stirring and overheat to produce. With this life is made a lot easier.

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    A morsel from the yam pounded is cut, and it’s formed using the thumb. The morsel is then dipped into a Soup and it can be enjoyed. It can be swallowed with a bit of chewing.

    Many Nigerians can’t do without this meal because it is believed as a Chief’s food in Nigeria.

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    1. Tubers of Yam.
    2. Mortar.
    3. Pestle.
    4. Cooking Pot.
    4. Water.
    5. A kitchen knife.

    If you have the items listed above then you are ready for the cooking.

    STEP 1: Peel the Yam and cut it into pieces.
    STEP 2: Wash the peeled Yam once or twice with clean water.
    STEP 3: Boil the Yam for ten or fifteen minutes, till the fork can be thrust into the yam easily.
    STEP 4: Before you start pounding ensures to drain the water completely from the yam because the drained water will be used later while pounding.
    STEP 5: Start pounding the Yam in a mortar until it is doughy and yam chunks free. You can add the drained water while pounding if the yam gets strong. Ordinary can also be used, but the water drained from the yam is preferable. It should be noted that fresh Yams in the early season will take less water while dry Yam harvested in the previous year will need more water.
    STEP 6: Pounded Yam is not a Sole meal, it should be eaten with Soup of your choice, but Egusi soup pairs better with pounded yam. It is best enjoyed while it’s served hot.

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