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6 Side Effects of Birth Control Pills


Side effects of birth control pills and why you need to understand the risk associated with these birth control pills you are using to prevent pregnancy. There are other methods of pregnancy prevention that may be suitable for you than these pills because of their side effects.

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I always feel sorry for young ladies destroying their lives by using these pills for pregnancy prevention.

Are you aware that pills deplete some of your vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants such as folate, B12, and magnesium? So If you’re on pills for either prevention or to calm your hormonal symptoms, you should also take a good multivitamin.

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 Side Effect of Birth Control Pills

1. Firstly, one of the main side effects of birth control pills is the ability to decreases your libido, sex urge,and makes you dry down there and infection can occur when you experience vagina dryness, which can later cause pain during sex.

2. Frequent Headaches, studies have shown that women who use contraceptive pills to prevent pregnancy often experience a frequent headaches which can affect their daily activities.

3. Missing or Irregular periods, is also part of the side effect of birth control pills. May be light or heavy periods which could later lead to infertility. A compromised menstrual flow could prone you to infertility in the future.

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4. Hair loss& Dry skin, this symptom Is common in a woman that used the contraceptive pill to prevent pregnancy. If you want good skin and quality hair,  try other pregnancy prevention methods that have lesser side effects

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5. Increases your risk of cancers especially breast, cervical, and liver cancer.  Most women on birth control pills usually experience breast discomforts and if not stopped Immediately cancer is on the way.

6. Increase your risk of getting diabetes and heart attack, There’s a tendency you develop diabetes and heart problems caused by taking these pregnancy prevention pills. Also, expect a stroke later because it may cause blood clot formation.

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Why will you commit yourself to something that does more worse than good? Why will you deprive yourself of good sex at the expense of some worthless pills?

There are other safe methods you can use to prevent pregnancy and enjoy your sexual life.

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