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    When Should I Start Sleeping with My Hubby After Delivery?


    When it comes to topics like this, We need to be realistic. The actual time to start having sex after delivery depends on the individual choice, Yes! You have the right but there are some facts we need to get concerning this phase.

    Post Partum

    This a period after delivery of the placenta till 6 weeks after delivery. At this time, a lot of changes take place in the body internally and physically. In this article, I will like to briefly tells you part of what happened in this phase physically and also if having sex at this time will be alright for women.

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    Vaginal Discharge

    Immediately after delivery, the uterus will continue to shed some vaginal discharge which comprises of blood, mucus membrane, and some other retail products. This discharge after delivery is called Lochia. This will happen for almost 2- 6 weeks to a woman after delivery.

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    At this time if you study the blood it will be becoming darker each day till it stopped. Most women may find this discharge as a barrier to resume sex with their partner, while some women have no problem with this discharge.

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    Perineal tear or Episiotomy

    This is not applicable to all women, especially women of multiple deliveries.

    Women with a tear or Episiotomy may find it difficult to resume back to their sexual life because of the injury sustained during the delivery. Until the place heal, the woman may refuse to have sex.

    I have witnessed a case of a woman who delivered her first child and was discharged home the second day but unfortunately, the husband has to force this woman into having sex with her the third day, Believe me, the unexpected happened to this woman, the woman started bleeding and sustained more injury to the sutured site and was rushed back to the hospital for suture repair.

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    As a woman, to resume sex back after delivery depends on how to fit the woman is. Is the woman stable medically, emotionally, and ready for the sex?

    Now? What is your own opinion over this? When do you think a woman should start making love

    after delivery. I want my reader’s opinion, please

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