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    Restaurant Employes Monkeys As Waiters (photos)


    A restaurant in Japan has surprised many people in the world by employing two monkeys to help them with table service. The Kayabukiya tavern, a traditional ‘sake house’ north of Tokyo employed two monkeys named Yat-chan and Fuku-chan to serve as their waiters.

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    Yat-chan is a 12-year-old monkey and he moves quickly between tables to serve customers drinks. The younger one named Fuku-chan helps to give customers hot towels to clean their hands before serving them drinks according to Japanese culture.

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    These two monkeys are working even better than human ones, a customer says. The owner of the two monkeys said that they were his pets but when the older grew up and started helping him, he realised that both of them can actually be useful in his restaurant.

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    See photos of these monkeys as they performs their duties.

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