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Period Bracelet And Best Way To Use It

Period bracelet

Period bracelets are meant for daily counting, it’s an easy educational tool with strings of 32 beads rubber ring and a cylinder with an arrow. It’s a natural effective family planning method used by women who do not want to get pregnant during their fertile period (ovulation period).

Why Period Bracelet?

1. It’s very cheap to use, a bracelet can be used for a lifetime (childbearing years) if not damaged or lost.

2. Period bracelets require no special maintenance. Just pick and use throughout the month like your religious rosary.

3.No side effects are attached like other methods of family planning which effect can alter the entire body’s reproductive hormones.

4. Requires less visitation or no appointment to family planning clinic once you understand the simple counting of your bracelet.

Period bracelet

Period bracelets help you to use the standard day method of family planning if used accurately. Period bracelet is 95% effective in preventing pregnancy if the counting is factual.

How Period Bracelet Works;

1. Period bracelets help you understand your fertility cycle better. It gives better direction on whether you are safe to meet or your likely chances of getting pregnant if you meet.

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2. It enlightens you to know your cycle duration. Are you of the shorter cycle or longer cycle.

3. It helps you and your partner become more involved in family planning. 

Who can use a Period Bracelet?

Period bracelet is a natural form of family planning. It’s simply created for women in these two categories

1. Women who have the most regular cycle between 26 and 32 days long.

2. Couples who can abstain or use condoms during the 12 WHITE beads days, when the woman, is likely fertile and can easily get pregnant.

How to Use Period Bracelet for Family Planning;

Period bracelet

1. From the first day, you see your menstrual period, move the ring to the RED beads.  Meaning that you start on your first day of Menses by picking the only Red Bead. Then also mark the day on your calendar.

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Period bracelet

2. You must move the bead each day, including other days of your period. Note, you must not skip a day.

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3. You should maintain or always use condoms when the beads counting falls on WHITE beads if you do not want to become pregnant.

4 Sex is saved from the BROWN bead. You are not likely to get pregnant on those days.

5. You should move the ring to the RED bead again when your next period starts.  While you skip over any beads left.

A woman may need to wait for a while before using a period bracelet If:

1. She recently had a baby or is breastfeeding presently.

2. She recently used the pill, the injection, or emergency contraception. The situation can affect your cycle length.

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If you notice any of the following, contact your family planning provider for help;

1. In case you had unprotected sex on a WHITE bead day.

2. If your period does not start by the DAY AFTER, and you have reached the last brown bead, this means your cycle is longer than 32days.

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3. If you think that you might be pregnant because you have not gotten your period.

4 If you get your period before you reach the DARK BROWN bead, this means that your cycle is shorter than 26days.

5. If more than once a year your cycle is shorter than 26days or longer than 32days, Cycle beads might not be suitable for you as a method of family planning.

6. Always track and keep records of your menstrual days for follow-up.

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7 Other factors like infection can hinder or prevent your menstrual flow and could lead to miscalculation of your cycle duration.

8 Don’t leave your period bracelet at home while traveling so that you won’t mix counting.

10. Never assume the counting of the bracelet of hand.



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