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Nurx Birth Control Shot & 9 Shocking Facts About Family Planning Shots

Nurx birth control shot

Nurx birth control shot is one of the most popular and effective methods of contraceptive methods most women are familiar with around the world.

It works by realizing the progesterone hormone into your bloodstream thus preventing ovulation and pregnancy.

The common types are Depo- Provera every three months, and the Noristerat which is taken every two-month interval.

Nurx birth control

The new form of injectable contraceptives is Sayana Press, which is similar to Depo- Provera in action and duration. The only difference is, clients are taught how to administer Sayana Press and do self-administration with/without assistance later.

Nurx Birth Control Shot & 9 Facts to Note;

1. When use correctly, it’s 99% effective in preventing pregnancy.

2. Your period may become irregular, shorter, heavier, lighter, or stop, and prolonged use can later normalize the flow.

3. It does not alter or affect other medications

4. Advisable for women who can not use contraception that contain estrogen.

5. It’s very good for women who can not remember to take pills at the same time every day. However, there should be follow-ups.

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6. You must remember to take a repeated dose before it expires or become ineffective to prevent pregnancy.

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7. You can have the injection at any time during your menstruation as long as you are not pregnant.

8. You can take the injection anytime after giving birth if you are not breastfeeding, but if you are doing exclusive breastfeeding, you should be advised to commence after 6weeks of delivery.

9. It’s safe to use contraceptives while breastfeeding.

How Nurx Birth Control Shot Works In Your Body;

Nurx birth control shot works by thickening the cervical mucus, which makes it difficult for sperm to move through the cervix, and thins the lining of the womb so a fertilized egg will not implant itself.

If it’s administered correctly, a birth control shot is more than 99% effective in preventing pregnancy. In essence, 1 out of 100 people will get pregnant.

So, to ensure optimal effectiveness, you should get the shot every 2-3month as directed by your service provider.

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When you have the shot at the due time without defaulting, there’s a less than 1 in 100 chance you’ll become pregnant.

Taking your shot every 8-12 weeks is very important to prevent unplanned pregnancy.

How To Administer Nurx Birth Control Shot

Usually, Depo- Provera, and Noristerat injections are taken in the buttock, but you can still have them on your upper arm or outer part of your tight. Meanwhile, noristerat is not advisable on the arm to prevent soreness and swelling at the injection site.

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Nurx birth control

Note Noristerat should not be administered on the arm.
Sayana Press injection is taken on the tummy( abdomen) below your navel or thigh and clients normally learn to do this at home by themselves after several practices in the presence of the professional provider.

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How effective is the Nurx birth control shot ;

1. It does not interrupt sex, you still enjoy your sexual life with this family planning method.

2. Good option if you can’t go for estrogen-based contraception.

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3. Helps to reduce heavy and painful periods

4. Alleviate symptoms of premenstrual symptoms in some women

5. You do not have to remember it every day like oral pills.

Disadvantages of Injectable Family Planning Contraceptives;

1. It does not protect you from STIs, sexually transmitted diseases

2. Your monthly period can be altered, it may become irregular, lighter, or stop altogether and this can last up to 9 months or a year even after stopping the injection.

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3. There could be a delay of up to a year if you desire to get pregnant due to the period delay effect from the shot.

Side Effects of Nurx birth control shot You Should Except Are:

1. Headache which may be persistent or occasional
2 Decreased sex drive or libido
3. Mood Swing
5. Hair loss
6 Weight gain
7. Irregular bleeding
8. Breast Tenderness

For the first 1-6month of taking the birth control shot, You’ll likely experience irregular periods, But as your body adjusts, you may get a lighter and shorter period and get normalized after a year.

The best choice for you depends on your medical history, personal intention, and lifestyle.

Finally, If you want to start a birth control shot but don’t know which one to pick out either noristerat, Depo- Provera, or sayana press, book an appointment with your healthcare provider.

However, birth control shot like depo- provera or noristerat does not prevent sexually transmitted infections (STIs). But endeavor to use barrier methods of protection like condoms to help prevent contracting STIs.


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