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Not Brushing Teeth With Braces: 7 Proven Way to Good Dental Health

Not brushing teeth with braces

Not brushing teeth with braces is not a good idea, this could result in further dental health damage. Although brushing teeth with braces might be challenging at the beginning for people wearing braces for the first time.

What is a brace? A brace is a tool fitted to something in a particularly shaky or injured part of the body to give support or correct alignment.

How to whiten teeth braces

Braces are used to correct teeth setting, clustered or crooked. It’s a custom-made device used by the dentist or orthodontist for people in need of alignment and other dental conditions. The brace is made up of wire, it could be ceramic or metal and is mostly used by adolescents but nowadays, it’s becoming popular among the elderly people.

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For brace to be successful, people who use braces must follow the strict instruction of the orthodontist. So no reason to not brushing teeth with braces when you have instructions to follow.

Although maintaining teeth with braces can be difficult but is possible with proper oral hygiene.

Not Brushing Teeth With Braces: Facts to Know

For brace wearers and non-brace wearers,  you must stick to a good daily brushing routine and keep both the tooth surfaces and between your teeth and braces clean always.

Acid-producing bacteria normally start to digest any food particles leading to bad breath, enamel erosion, and even cavities at worst. After you eat anything, bacteria start to attack sugars in food like an ant swarming over food at a picnic.

Ideally, you brush your teeth gently with little pressure at least 20 minutes after a meal to avoid scraping your enamel away.

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Having a brace on your teeth is a pretty way to brighten up your appearance and look more beautiful but how are you going to achieve it when you are not brushing?

 Not brushing Teeth With Braces & How To Improve Your Dental Health 

1. Maintain dental health

Endeavor to wash your teeth at least three times daily preferably after each meal with a soft-bristle toothbrush, not too hard to damage the braces or dislodge the alignment.But not brushing teeth with braces could lead to mouth odour, formation of plagues around the brace,and other serious bacteria infection.

You should pay special attention to the space around your teeth while brushing.

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Note, if you’re using braces to straighten your teeth, you will notice after the procedure, your teeth will get two shades of color or discoloration. It always happened due to some space cover with the braces for many days and others being exposed to stains. So you need to brush your teeth with braces.

2. Try a good quality toothbrush 

Don’t forget, whitening teeth with braces starts with the use of soft quality toothbrush like a soft-bristled brush, an electric brush that can rotate to cover most of the mouth and clean your teeth. 

If you decide not brushing teeth with braces, how will you get rid of that trapped food debris between your teeth and brace? Wait, it’s by brushing both the teeth and debris gently. Or else other serious damages can happen to your dental health.

Note, low or sub-standard toothbrushes can damage the braces or disturb the alignment on the teeth thus making it difficult to complete the orthodontic procedure. So using a correct good brush is necessary.

3. Use Non-Whitening Flouride Toothpaste 

Using the right toothpaste is essential if you want to whiten your teeth while on braces. Teeth covered with braces need to be brushed with correct toothpaste, not abrasive and does not contain whitening properties. 

Using whitening toothpaste with braces means only the visible part of the teeth will be cleaned during brushing and whitening leaving the other part covered with braces untouched and later leading to discoloration of some part of the teeth.

In essence, using fluoride toothpaste keep your enamel strong, your teeth healthy, and free of germs.

4.  Whitening strips

Caring and whitening teeth with braces also involve the use of whitening strips at home. This is a home method of whitening braces at home. It’s very safe, cheap and effective. The strips contain a bleaching agent like hydrogen peroxide.

You will apply the whitening strip on your teeth at least once a day for 45 minutes.

Although, using whitening strips can make your teeth have two shades of white and pale which can be embarrassing in public places especially when you smile.

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5. Use An Electric Toothbrush 

Electric brush will lift the surface stain and whiten your teeth. An electric toothbrush is simple and does not include any chemical whitening property to change the color of your teeth. But can remove surface stain better than a regular toothbrush.

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6. Stop tobacco products

Not brushing teeth with braces and you smoke, you’re not concerned about how to whiten your teeth with a brace, never forget to skip tobacco products at the moment to prevent discoloration of your teeth and get a better breath.

7. Limit food or drink that can stain your teeth 

Some certain foods can color your teeth, damage your brace like apple, corn from the cob, and so on. Those foods need to be avoided to prevent staining your teeth while on braces. If you wonder how to whiten teeth with braces but not consider keeping an eye on your diet, you’re missing it.

How to whiten braces

How Care For Your Teeth (Non- Braces Wearers)

While people prefer a natural way to whiten their teeth at home, even with the varieties of mouth wash and toothpaste available in the market.

While most people still resort back to the so-called home remedies such as;

1 Brush your teeth with baking soda

Baking soda possesses some natural whitening components with mild abrasive components that can help to scrub away surface stains on your teeth.

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Also, baking soda causes an alkaline environment within the mouth which prevents bacteria from multiplying in the mouth area.

This cannot bring the result overnight, but the result will be gradual in whitening your teeth.

Some studies reveal that toothpaste containing soda was significantly more effective at removing yellow stains from the teeth than the normal toothpaste without baking soda.

Whiten teeth

Note, the higher the volume of the baking soda in the past, the greater the effect.

How to use baking soda to whiten teeth

Mix 1teaspoon of baking soda with 2teaspoon of water and brush your teeth with the paste. You should be doing this occasionally in a week.

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2. Limit Your Sugar Intake

If you desire whiter teeth, then cut your sugar intake. Any diet high in sugar will aid the growth of streptococcus mutants, this is bacteria that cause the inflammation of the gum and plaque.


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Note, When you consume sugar content food or drinks, be ready to brush your teeth immediately.

3. Regular Brushing and Flossing of Your Teeth

This will help your teeth to always remain white and reduce the growth of bacteria in your mouth and buccal cavity.

Normal toothpaste works by removing stains on your teeth and flossing helps to remove bacteria that leads to plaque.

4. Add Calcium To Your Diet To Whiten Your Teeth & Make It Stronger 

Most tooth discoloration is caused by enamel eroding and exposing the dentin underneath which is yellow. Therefore, what you should do to strengthen the enamel of your teeth is add calcium supplements to your diet. It also makes your teeth Peary white.

Also food rich in calcium like milk, cheese may help to protect your teeth from the enamel eroding

5 Take Enough Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are very good for both the body and teeth. It also helps to remove plaque away as you chew the fruits

Note, Pineapple and strawberries also helps to whiten teeth.

6. Limit Your Beverages

You wonder why! Coffee, soda, red wines can stain up your teeth. It doesn’t mean you have to completely avoid them but you should limit the amount of this substance.

Moreover, you should brush your teeth soon after consuming any of this food or beverages to limit their effect on the color of your teeth.

7. Use Activated Charcoal To Whiten Your Teeth

Brushing with powdered charcoal is assumed to be taking toxins from the mouth and removing stains from the teeth according to many people’s beliefs and findings, it whitens teeth.

8. Avoid Smoking and Chewing Tobacco

Both cigarettes and tobacco can cause tooth discoloration if you don’t know, if you are addicted to any of these, then you should cultivate the habits of brushing your teeth after every smoking or chewing.

9. Use Of Apple Cider Vinegar

No proven evidence using apple cider vinegar as a mouthwash helps to whiten teeth, but some studies suggest it do helps. But on the contrary, it weakens the enamel and aids tooth decay.

Finally, not brushing teeth with braces could be the wrong step to miserable dental health.



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