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    Mr & Mrs Tunde Obe, Showbiz Couple Married 22 years ago

    Showbiz couple

    Tunde and Wunmi Obe are household names in the Nigeria Entertainment Industry. They are professionally known as T.W.O.

    Wunmi Aboderin met Tunde Obe during her university school days when she was a 19-year- old girl pursuing a degree in Philosophy. Tunde, 20-year- old undergraduate of Lagos State University (LASU) was pursuing a degree in History.

    Whispering Palms Resort, Nigeria

    Music brought the two together in the music band, a Turning point in which Tunde was already lead singer. The band got separated when its members but Tunde and Wunmi stayed together.

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    Recently, the couple celebrates 20 years of marriage and 30 years of friendship.

    The union is blessed with three wonderful children. Here’s what Tunde has to say concerning the T.W.O love journey

    ” I am glad I am here. For the thirty years of T.W.O, I want to assure that Wunmi and I have never put separation or divorce on the table. It’s not something we will ever discuss. Although we have our differences, we have never invited a second party to settle between us.

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    We sit down and talk until we find solutions to our problems. Love,  respect, and friendship that we share will conquer any disagreement that comes up. Fifty years is a milestone and we are happy. Thirty years is a lot for a musical group and twenty years is a lot for marriage too we are wishing for many years to come.”

    Recently, Tunde celebrates his 51st birthday and Wunmi had her 50th birthday.

    ” So, for me being with her is beyond reason; there is a genuine friendship and I think that Is what it is. Our marriage is based on friendship first before any infatuation or love. Love is important but friendship and the respect we have for each other are what has kept us together for these years.” Tunde Obe.

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    What this couple have in common ;

    1.Musical Talent



    4. Cherish and respect each other.

    5. Both Entertainers

    What other things, please. Leave your suggestions in the comment section below.


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