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Lady nails the head of her 10- yr-old maid. Torture her with hot pressing iron

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Mrs. Ifeoma Ezeugwu has been arrested for allegedly drilling nails in two places into the head of a 10years old girl, Miss Chinonye Nnadi, who served as her housemaid.

Chairperson of the WomenAids Collective WACOL, Prof.Joy Ngozi Ezello, said her office was alerted on Friday about the case. According to reports, the suspect also tortured the girl with a hot pressing iron.

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” This is gory and torture of a young innocent girl whose only crime is being born to a poor widow who had to give her up to live with someone in the hope that she will get an education and survive.

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We pray that she recovers. We demand full wrath of the on this woman that inflicted such a level of physical injury on this girl. I spoke to the distraught mother of the victim.

She is a poor widow living in a rural village in Aku near Nsukka, Enugu state. It’s time to eradicate child labor, ban and punish anyone using children as domestic help.

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An 80-Year-Old Man Arrested for Raping a 10-Year-Old Orphan in Yobe

The Child Right Act and the NAPTIP Act must be effectively enforced.WACOL will follow through to ensure that justice is done in this matter.” She said.



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