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Lady build herself a house with less than 50k naira salary


@Samke_nkwanyan shared an image of her new home to Twitter recently and peeps could not be more proud – The young lady only had a salary of R2,000 (N49,948.22) and built her beautiful home over a period of four months –

@Samke_nkwanyan said she had savings, had to take a loan, and asked for help from friends and family but she still did it.

Celebrating wins will always bring smiles to faces. Especially when the achievement comes from hard work.

@Samke_nkwanyan did just that as she shared an image of the house she worked hard to build. According to @Samke_nkwanyan, it took four months to complete the building of her home as her salary is (N49,948.22). @Samke_nkwanyan went on to say in a follow-up tweet that she did have R10,000 (N250,055.63) in savings. Despite $1 exchanging for N500, she took a loan of R5,000 (N124,975.00), which she paid back from August to now.

Even with her savings, loan, and salary, she still struggled. @Samke_nkwanyan said she asked for help from family and friends who did all they could to assist.

This young lady shared the story of how she built her small and beautiful home. Source: @Samke_nkwanyan Source: UGC Take a look at her tweets below: South Africans could only feel pride at her lovely accomplishment and shared so in her replies:

@Layne_JazzeySA wrote: “This is very nice. It’s the beginning. If you can build a house with R2K then you will do bigger things when God promotes you to another tax bracket. 4 months is even very short. I’m so proud of you and inspired!!!”

@tNaxe23 said: “Big or small, it doesn’t matter. This is yours, your name is on the deed, woe to whoever has anything negative to say.”

@Selokelaboledi tweeted: “I am proud of you girl.”


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