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    Never Marry a Man that has these 18 Habits

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    Marriage is a long term journey more than the year spent in schooling from toddler to mature adult. Don’t make the rest of your life miserable.  Put yourself in a position you have to spend your life with someone who doesn’t admire you or your opinion.

    Yes! It’s a high way to hell sister if you man had this 18 habits am about to mention in this article. Everybody believes marriage to be a package of plus or minus. But mind you some habits are not endurable

    1. Intolerant

    Everyone expects to live an independent life, but if a guy turns down your routine, puts some restriction and stoppage on your decision and what makes you happy, losing him is the best option. Such a guy restricts you to do limited things, under the fear that he won’t want to lose you to another man.

    2. Insulting/Abusive

    The violence of any resort should never be tolerated by anyone. If your guy possesses this attitude, quickly run far away from him before you kill each other.

    3. Immaturity

    Constant nagging, disrespecting people around should be what a teen should be doing, but if you observe your man doing all this, it shows he is immature and he is a wrong man for you.

    4 Cut- Off Family

    Family is one of the most important things in life. Although they will get on nerves or cross your lines, you can’t abandon them. If a guy can abandon his family the biggest backbone, then he can easily let you and your children go one day.

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    5. Do not Value Your Request

    For instance, your man is a chain smoker, and upon your numerous request to ease the smoking he fails to acknowledge your request and continue, it simply means you don’t hold any significant value in his life.

    6. Clingy

    A personal domain is needed by every individual and this should be respected by everyone. But if this guy holds on to you, stopping you from doing your duties and depends too on, It’s a big problem for you in the future.

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    7. A Liar

    You tell lies at times to safeguard a purpose. But if your man is the type that sees black color and calls it the white color, your relationship with him will have a lot of problems. It’s better you break up on time.

    8.Constant Fighting

    Apart from the fact that fight makes a relationship on healthy, A man that loves to fight people around him will definitely turn you to a punching bag one day. It simply portrays that he doesn’t comprehend you well.

    9. Mr. Right

    Thinking he is always right, If you are marrying Mr. Right, then get ready to have all your opinions opposed. Because your man will constantly believe what he is doing is right and never believe others’ opinions are right to him.

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    10. Always Given Excuses

    If your man gives excuses more than the word  ” I love you” you already have answers to your questions. For instance ‘ I am sorry, am very busy”, more than I love you.  Always given excuses to break a commitment just show how disinterested he is in the relationship.

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    11. Do not Prioritize You

    In a relationship, both the two people involved should be equally active, but if there is no contribution or effort from the other end, Why wasting your time in such a relationship?  This means there is no connection and this would be a worry point after marriage.

    12. Hate Animals

    If your man doesn’t like an animal, live him and run on time. People who do not like animals generally lack kindness and empathy. Such a man will not prove to be a good husband in the future.

    13.  He is a Smoker

    Smoking is an addiction, and if he is unwilling to give it up, it shows his weakness and the addiction will affect your relationship in the future if you don’t know.

    14. Keeps Malice

    If your man is the type that tries to avoid you after a little argument and your “Sorry” don’t have an impact on the little misunderstanding, such kind of man is dangerous to spend the rest of your life with.

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    15.  He Lives in the Past

    Bringing your old fight and argument is a very bad attitude. It shows he is the kind of guy who keeps grudges. This character will also be inviting negativity into the relationship.

    16. He is Suspicious

    All relationships should be built on trust. If your man just doesn’t trust you, there is trouble. It’s better you stay away from him.

    17. Disrespecting Relation Norms

    Everything has a protocol and every action has a rule. If your guy constantly tries to stop the line and protest against the laydown rules that indicate he disrespect your relation and doesn’t deserve your love.

    18. Breaking Promises

    Breaking commitment is the biggest way to lose trust in someone and if your guy does this often, then he’s playing with your trust in him. It can happen once or twice but it shouldn’t be too often.

    Finally,  examine your man very well before you sign the life contract with him.

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