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Injectable Contraceptives Family Planning


The contraceptive injection is one of the most popular methods of family planning most women are familiar with in this era.

It works by realizing the progesterone hormone into your bloodstream
and prevent thus preventing ovulation and pregnancy.

The common types are Depo- Provera at 12 weeks interval and the Noristerat which is taken every 8 weeks interval.
The new form of injectable contraceptives is Sayana Press, which is a new form of Depo- Provera, and clients are taught how to administer this at home. 

9 Facts to Note on This Family Planning Methods

1. If you use it correctly, it’s 99% effective
2. Your period may become irregular, shorter, heavier, lighter or stop

3. It does not alter or affect other medications

4.Advisable for women who can not use contraception that contain estrogen.
5. It’s very good for women who can not remember to take pills at the same time every day.
6. You must remember to take a repeated dose before it expires or became ineffective.

7. You can have the injection at any time during your menstruation as long as you are not pregnant.

8. You can take the injection anytime after given birth if you are not breastfeeding, but if you are breastfeeding, you will be advise to commence it after 6weeks of delivery.

9. It’s safe to use contraceptives while breastfeeding.

How It Works In Your Body

Injectable contraceptives work by thickening the cervical mucus, which makes it difficult for sperm to move through the cervix, and thins the lining of the womb so a fertilized egg will not implant itself.

How It Is Administered

Usually, Depo- Provera, and Noristerat injection are taken in the buttock, but you can still have them on your upper arm.
Sayana Press injection is taken on the tommy( abdomen) or thigh and clients normally learnt to do this at home by themselves.

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Advantages Injectables Contraceptives

1. It does not interrupt sex, you still enjoy your sexual life with the family planning method.
2. Good option if you can’t go for estrogen-based contraception
3. Helps to reduce heavy and painful periods
4. Alleviate symptoms of premenstrual symptoms in some women
5. You do not have to remember it every day like oral pills

Disadvantages of Injectable Family Planning Contraceptives

1. It does not protect you from STIs , sexually transmitted diseases

2. Your monthly period can be altered, it may become irregular, lighter, or stop altogether and this can last up to 9 months or a year even after stopping the injection.
3. There can be a delay up to a year if your desire to get pregnant due to period delay.

Side Effects of Injectables Family Planning You Should Except Are:

1. Headache which may be persistent or occasional
2 Decreased sex drive or libido
3. Mood Swing
5.Hair loss
6 Weight gain
7.Irregular bleeding
8.Breast Tenderness

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