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Potty Training for Kids

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Potty training marks the end of nappies and the beginning of knickers or underpants. This is the end of babyhood and the start of toddlerhood.

Usually a 24-month mark for girls and up to 36month for boys. Some children are fully trained at one year but this particular milestone is no indicator of a child’s intelligence

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Steps for successful training

It is very easy to start this training in the summertime.

Summer clothes tend to be easier to wash so any accident isn’t upsetting.

Encourage toddlers to tell you when they are wet or soiled in their nappy

Teach them how to pull down their pants and ask for the potty.

Try to make the potty handy and ask always if the child needs the potty.

When the potty is needed, sit your child on it

Make a potty offer as part of the morning routine prior to getting dressed, at bedtime, and also 20minute after meals.

Children learn to associate urinating voluntarily with sitting on the potty if they sit on it regularly at times they will quickly learn how to use it.

Don’t force a child to sit on it and if he/ she doesn’t go after a few minutes take him/ she off

Children associating potties with boredom or force are less likely to use it
Be patient, some learn in a couple of weeks but they are unusual. It can take up to 6 months.

The boy usually take longer than a girl
Decide if to use potty or modified toilet seat. If using a potty, pick a color that your child likes.

Praise your child in all attempts at using it.
Accept any accident or misuse and don’t punish or criticize.

As a parent or caregiver always be patient when dealing with a child never be too hurry if you are teaching a child something and don’t forget to praise the child at every attempt.

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