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3 Super Ways To Boost Ovulation Naturally


Ovulation is the key determinat of pregnancy, many factors could result into absence or poor ovulation in a woman. However, ovulation can be boost naturally and get pregnant.

When you don’t have a perfect ovulation,getting pregnant becomes a problem.

In this article, 3 vital items to use naturally at home to induce ovulation and achieve the positive result (pregnancy) you desire will be emphasize.
Guava leaves, Okro, and Aidan will do the wonders for you if you follow the steps correctly.

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Procedures to boost ovulation.

1. Get enough fresh guava leaves, add up to 3 Aidan which should be cut into pieces.2. Wash it thoroughly and boil together with enough water and allow it to boil till the color turns brown.

3. Drop the pot and filter it before drinking.

4. Take it during your menstruation and should be warm while taking it.


Take 1cup before taking your breakfast and also before going to bed at night, meaning (twice daily).

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5. Get up to 7 fingers of okra, cut into pieces, and soak in a bowl overnight.
6.Filter and drink this immediately after your menstruation is over for that month.

7. Take it regularly for 3days morning and night.

8. Be ready to meet your partner after

Side Effects

While using the above-listed items to boost your ovulation, also note the likely complications that may follow after such as;

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1. Headache, mild or severe

2. Vomiting

3. Dizziness or even some fainting attack can occur in some women

4. Restlessness.

If you noticed any of the side effects after taking the preparation. It’s suggestive that you stop taking it and look for another alternative to boost your ovulation naturally.

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