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How to Produce Breast Milk Naturally


Breast milk is already made food for the infant.

It can be produce naturally with the help of simple local fruit when there’s is no milk production at all or too scanty for the newborn.

Before the pregnancy reach term, the hormones responsible for the production of milk would be increasing to make food ready for the newborn.

Sometimes after delivery, most mothers find it so difficult to lactate, which means no breast milk for the baby to feed.

But, relax this is a natural home remedy to counter it.

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 The inability of some mothers to produce breast milk has resulted in given baby formula for the child.

Baby formula is highly discouraged in the whole world except in a situation where there’s no alternative and the baby needs to feed.

Mothers are encouraged to practice exclusive breastfeeding which is being emphasied by all health practitioners.

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Home Remedy To Produce Breast Milk Naturally

Get unripe pineapple8

Slice into pieces

Get a bowl or container with water and soak the slice unripe pineapple inside it

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Allow it to get soaked for 72hours and then then the water to wash around the breast.

Repeat this until you’re satisfied and begin to lactate normally.

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You can try out this home remedy, I have asked most of my patient who reports back to the clinic with the complaint

” Breast milk is not coming” “My baby mouth is  there but the water is not coming and so on, to try it.

And it has help most mothers to produce breast milk naturally.

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But if after trying out this home remedies and there are no changes, better you see lactation consultant.4 Health Benefits of Cabbage

If the breast milk is not coming at all, in some developed country, milk bank can be consulted for breast milk supply.

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Also, known lactating woman can breastfeed the child but if the other options failed, you can then go for baby formula.

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