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How To Increase Milk Supply For Breastfeeding Moms

How to increase milk supply for breastfeeding

How to increase milk supply for breastfeeding is a significant question most new nursing mothers asked.

Breast milk is an already made food for babes. It’s relatively cheap and safe for infants.

However, during pregnancy, the hormones prolactin which is responsible for milk production increases in the readiness for the baby delivery and feeding.

Meanwhile, the level of milk production can be altered immediately after delivery.

Way out on how to increase milk supply for breastfeeding:

Breast milk can be induced naturally with the help of a normal day fruit called pineapple if the new mother is not producing enough breast milk.

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For instance, after delivery, most new mothers find it so difficult to produce enough breast milk for their newborns which may subject the new baby to malnutrition.

Consequence of poor milk production on the Infants

The inability of some new moms to produce breast milk may lead to giving baby formula for the newborn survival.

However, baby formula is not allowed and is always discouraged by pediatricians except in a situation where there’s no other alternative for the infant’s survival than the baby’s formula.

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In essence, all new mothers are to practice exclusive breastfeeding for their newborns.

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How to increase milk supply for breastfeeding naturally:

1. Get unripe pineapple

2. Slice into pieces

4. Get a bowl or container with water and soak the slice of unripe pineapple inside it

5. Allow it to get soaked for 72hours and then then the water to wash around the breast.

6. Repeat this until you’re satisfied and begin to lactate normally.

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I have tried the unripe pineapple use to increase milk supply severally with many of my clients who have similar complaints and it works for them.

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For example,

” My breast milk is not coming”

“My baby’s mouth grips the nipple but the water is not coming and so on”.

When You Need Help:

1. After trying these home remedies with unripe pineapple and no increase in the milk supply, then you need a lactation consultant.o

2. Consult a milk bank for breast milk supply for your newborn while you continue seeking help from a lactation expert.

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3. Find a lactating mother who can breastfeed your baby.

4. Give infant formula if all other options fail

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