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    Super Yummy Egusi Soup And Recipes


    What is Egusi soup?

    Egusi Soup is a super yummy and irresistible kind of soup of all tribes in Nigeria. Or, maybe I will say it’s a finger-licking Nigerian food made with a white variety of pumpkin seeds

    However, the seed is sold per cup or in bags in the Nigerian market and is relatively cheap and avoidable even for the poor.

    Nutritional value of Egusi

    It consists of 593 calories which is further divided below;

    Carbonhydrate: 11.3g

    Fat: 47.9g



    Calcium :16% of the (RNI) Refrence nutrient intake.

    Iron:42% of the RNI

    Zinc: 75% of the RNI



    Why Egusi is a Nigerian soup

    The majority of the Nigerians’ occasion menus aren’t complete without this delicious Egusi Soup. I’m sure it’s one of those soups that normally top the menu lists at most parties or occasions.

    Let me say, Egusi soup is a special type of soup that some people also enjoy daily.

    This delicious soup is being prepared using different methods. Here are some delectable Egusi Soup recipes that will make your taste buds sing! 

    Ingredients/ Recipes for the soup 

    1.2 cups egusi (grounded or blended)

     2.Palm oil



    5.locust beans


     7.¼ cup crayfish

    8. 1 shrimp seasoning cube, preferably Crayfish Maggi

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    9.Meat and fish, for example, a variety of goat meat, stockfish, chicken and turkey

    10. 2 chopped habanero (or scotch bonnet) pepper

    11.Bitter leaf, ugu, water leave or any other green vegetables

    However, I would suggest you do some cooking preparations before the actual cooking starts because It saves a lot of time while cooking.

    Preparation for the soup cooking

    1.Wash the meats and season them with seasoning cubes, salt, garlic, ginger, chopped onions, curry, and boil them together until they are tender.

    2.If you are using cow skin (ponmo), it’s best to season them too and steam on the cooker for some minutes.

    3.Soak your dry fish and stockfish with a little salt for some hours ahead until they are soft. Debone the fish, wash them also, and set them aside.

    4.Blend red ball pepper, (Atarodo) don’t make it smooth and add onions, set them aside.

    5. Mix your already grounded egusi with a little water to make a paste and also set aside.

    6.Wash and cut the vegetables, you can use fresh Ugwu leaves, Spinach, and bitter leaves for Egusi soup.

    Also, it depends on the one available to you but any of these leaves are just completely fine.

    7.Soak or squeeze your bitter leaves a bit to reduce the bitterness.

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    8. Blend one small onion and if you can not blend, chop it into smaller pieces and add it to Egusi seed to form a paste.

    Add the beef stock or water to mix, stir them, and set aside. 

    Cooking process

    1. Start by putting palm oil in a pot and heat up on high for about 3 minutes.

    2. Cut the onions to the palm oil and leave until fragrant.

    3. Add the grounded egusi to the palm oil and let it cook in it, while you stir until the egusi shrinks and begins sticking to the bottom of the pot. About 7 minutes.

    4.Put a teaspoon of crayfish and stir then add the cooked meats and their stockfish.

    5.  Add the remaining crayfish, with the crayfish seasoning cube, habanero or scotch bonnet pepper then put water if needed according to desired thickness.

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    6.Stir well and taste to ensure that seasoning is perfect. Let all the ingredients simmer together for about 5 minutes.

    7.Pour the greens (vegetables) and let them cook in for about 2 minutes. Turn off the heat, your egusi soup is ready!

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    Food You Can Serve with Your Egusi Soup

    When your delicious egusi soup is readily available and you’re there salivating the aroma, get the following Nigerian meal to enjoy it

    1. Rice: You can serve your rice meal with an egusi soup, it always makes the taste unique and enjoyable.

    2.Pounded yam or Poundo: Waow! This is an amazing combination.

    It’s so pleasing to use your delicious prepared egusi soup to complement the lovely pounded yam.

    3. Fufu/Amala or Garri is also a nice meal to enjoy your soup.

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    How to preserve the Egusi seed and Soup

    1.The seed can be preserved for a longer period by drying directly under the sun or being exposed to fresh air.

    2.Also, you can blend your egusi seed into a powder, add a small quantity of salt and keep it in a clean tight container till you will need it.

    3. Your cooked egusi soup should be kept in a freezer to preserve it.

    Finally, Nigerian egusi soup with all the recipes is good and nutritious for the body. It’s spicy, nutty with exotic African flavors!

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