Home Beauty Egg White and Vaseline:Top Ways To Look 18Years Younger (Video)

    Egg White and Vaseline:Top Ways To Look 18Years Younger (Video)

    Egg white and vaseline

    Egg white and vaseline are hidden secrets no makeover artists will ever tell you. It’s a relatively cheap procedure to desire a youthful look and be radiant.

    Egg white and Vaseline 

    Egg white and vaseline are a solution for a looking younger than your age. The skin face mask with vaseline gel helps to prevent breakouts and shrink pores.

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    For a better result,  An egg white and vaseline should be used at least once a week

    Eggwhite and vasline
    Egg white and vaseline give instant results and leave your skin super clean, refreshed, and shiny in a good way younger than the age group you belong to.

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    Important of Egg White And Vaseline On Your Skin

    1. Egg white is beneficial to the skin because it helps to tone the skin apart from tightening the skin.  It also aids in shrinking large pores which reduces the surplus of sebum.

    Egg white

    Sebum is the substance that protects the skin with its oily substance but this should not be excess on the face.

    2. It has potassium which aids in preserving moisture in skin cells and keeping the skin fresh.

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    3. Riboflavin, a vitamin in egg whites stamps out the nasty free radicals that are toxic and cell-damaging causing wrinkles that are toxic


    Vaseline is a petroleum gel substance that helps to nourish and maintain skin texture. It’s available at all stores and the price is pocket friendly.


    Method Preparation

    1. First of all wash your face with warm water and thus allowing the skin pores to be open before applying any treatment on the face.

    2. Get a bowl and break the egg.

    3. Separate white from the yoke with the shell or separate in your hand and let the water drip through your fingers into the bowl.

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    3. Mix it with your already available vaseline gel

    4. With your hand well before you apply the mixture into your face and make sure it does not touch your mouth or eyes.
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    5. Leave it overnight for a better result and always repeat this once in a week if you want to be forever young.

    Egg white and Vaseline Video

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