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    Do’s And Don’t To Get Over Being Ghosted


    Getting dumped can be painful, but when you get “ghosted” instead that is, the person you’ve been dating simply breaks off contact and doesn’t ever tell you why the relationship is over it can hurt quite deeply, too.

    If you’re figuring out how to get over being ghosted or how to deal with a breakup when you have no closure, the good news is that you can do it.

    Nobody wants a boyfriend or girlfriend to “ghost” them instead of explaining their reasons for the breakup, but more and more, it’s becoming part of the dating scene.

    So how can you navigate your way through the dos and don’ts of being ghosted? Don’t worry, this list will break it down for you.

    Here are 5 dos and don’ts for how to get over being ghosted:

    1. Cut contact with your ex to let go of the person you loved.

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    Whilst it may seem a lovely idea to ‘remain friends’ with your ex… it’s not a good idea, particularly in the early stages of your breakup when you’re needing to emotionally detach from him or her, and gain acceptance of your new situation.

    To fully separate emotionally and healthily move through your grief, you need physical space from your ex.

    2. DON’T go to places you used to hang out together, and don’t call or text him or her when you’re feeling depressed, lonely, or needing help use your friends or even a trained therapist for this!
    You certainly don’t need to despise your ex, nor should you be relying on him or her for friendship or support. Maybe further down the line, these rules can be eased, but for now, NOOOO

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    3. Learn to love YOURSELF, Do what makes YOU feel good.
    It is now time to begin seeing yourself in a new light, to rediscover YOU, the YOU that may have been forgotten during your relationship.

    After a breakup, it is completely normal to feel lost and wonder when you will feel ‘normal’ again. But here is the thing your ‘normal’ does not have to be what it used to be. It’s time to create a new normal! To rediscover yourself and to LOVE yourself.

    4. Having revenge thought

    Emotional pain after a breakup may give you revenge thought. You can feel good for a short time after doing this. The broken heart will never be fixed up by revenge.

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    It can heal by love, compassion, and forgiveness. The act of revenge never gives you happiness. So let karma do it for you and you just move on to a new chapter of your life.

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    5. Don’t Start Dating so soon

    You start looking for new love and immediately start dating after a breakup which is dangerous for you.

    Start dating again so soon after a breakup increases the chances to make it happen again. Give some time to yourself to forget and forgive your painful past.

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