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Do’s and Don’t On A First Date


There are plenty of things you should talk about on your first date, also things you shouldn’t talk about or make mention on the first date.

Let’s learn few of those things here.
Talk about Your City, town or residence

There’s plenty to discuss about your city or town….
This topic is a great one because there’s a good chance you are there right now. It can be easy to talk about where you currently are the city, town, and even are living in. These kinds of questions are especially good if you are new to town and just learning about the new place.

If you meet someone out of town or while you are traveling, talking about where you call “home” is a great way for them to get to know you, and vice versa.

It’s always pretty telling where someone lays down their roots even if it’s only temporary or for work. Basically, you can learn a lot about someone based on where they currently are in thei life!

Here are a few questions that you might ask:

1.What’s your favorite stomping ground?
2.What’s your favorite eatery?
3.What has brought you to this city/town?

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4.Don’t talk about Your Future Together
If first dates could come equipped with a warning sign, talking about your timeline to have kids, get married, or even spend the future with the person you just started seeing would definitely set it off . . . big time.
Wait until you’re in an established, romantic relationship to bring these topics up.

5.Talk about Your Springtime
A classic topic to start with is to go back to the beginning of their childhood.
Talking about the past can really help you get an understanding of who the person is in front of you and how they got there.

Often times, answering one question about childhood will lead to a story your date will likely end up elaborating on.
His/her responses might also give you talking points to remember for later so that you can ask about details that pop up!

Bear in mind that not everyone has a pleasant childhood so if you feel like your date doesn’t want to be as open about it move on! If you continue to go out, you will learn about it soon enough.

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6.Don’t bring up Family Issues
It’s more than OK to have family issues or problems, but the first time going out with someone isn’t usually the time or place to bring it up. While you always want to be honest with someone you can see yourself in a relationship with,the first dates should be fun and light!

7.Talk about Your Friends
Tell more about your friends.
A very important topic of conversation can be friends, the type of friends reflectaon  their own values and personality, so it’s a great way to understand more about your date if you want to know more about them without asking!

That said, friends can also bring up some sad memories so be sure to gauge how your date reacts to the topic.

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8.Don’t talk about Yourself alone
A first date is all about sharing who you are with the new person you’re seeing, but make sure the conversation is even on both sides. You need to learn who the other person is, too, and not spend the entire time talking about yourself. Don’t be  egoistic, talk about favorites, hobbies, and ideals.*
You know how this goes – the initial, “So tell me a little about you…” You might ask about their favorite cuisine, sport, the genre of book or movie they enjoy.

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Ask your date their perfect vision of a vacation, what their dream job would be, or if they could pick one place in the world to go where that would be. Make it a bit more interesting with the ultimatum game – like summer or winter, coffee or tea, and money or companionship.

These topics might be tedious but it’s a way to get a glimpse into someone’s interests, lifestyle,e, or ideal lifestyle.

If you’re in the situation where you have gotten to know the person prior to having a first date (you may have covered these topics over the phone or online), there are bound to the things you still don’t know that may pop-up throughout the conversation.
The main focus here is that you want to keep the date lighthearted and fun, not full of interrogating questions like they’re the suspect of a crime.


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