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Why You Should Quit Smoking

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Are u willing to quit smoking? This is a personal decision. Being clear about your own personal reasons to quit smoking can help you to stay positive while you are turning into a non- smoker. To quit smoking means to free yourself from nicotine addiction.

To quit smoking is the best thing you can accomplish for your health and wellness. Smoking doesn’t only shorten life span but also affects the quality of life.

Benefits of quitting smoking can be divided into short and long term benefits.

The short term reasons are :

You have more vitality, you lung are now working better
Your heartbeat and blood pressure come back to normal
Carbon monoxide in your blood diminishes drastically after 24hours of your last cigarette. This implies your blood can convoy more oxygen around in your body.
You sleep better. Your immune system is working better inside of 1month of quitting as you are not falling ill as regularly as of the time that you are smoking. However, smoking damages almost all organs in your body, not only your lungs. Although the harm the cigarette is causing is not visible but your health is deteriorating gradually.

Long term reasons for quitting :

Long term smoking can cause infertility reduces sperm quality, visual impairment, dental diseases, and many more.

Ladies who smoke and use oral contraceptive pills are 10 times more prone to coronary illness than non- smoker who uses pill.

Social reasons to quit smoking are :

You will no longer possess the aroma of cigarettes and smoke

You won’t feel secluded in a group of non- smoker friends

You will spend quality time with your family.

Financial Reasons :

This is a simple calculation, in a day you can save $30 which is enough to go to a dinner or movie date with loved ones

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In a month, you can save $300 which is enough to go and buy new clothes or go on a weekend holiday trip with your spouse

In 6month, you can save$1800 which is quite a big amount to fulfill many of your dreams.

To conclude, these are not the only reasons to quit smoking. But note, when you stop smoking, your confidence level boost up as you feel and look better. You can save both the time and money and spend quality time with friends and family. So next time before you take out a cigarette from your pocket, remember that you are heading towards a dead end and always remember that SMOKERS ARE LIABLE TO DIE YOUNG.

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