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18 Surprising Benefits Of Mango Leaves

Benefits of mango

Whenever we are in mango season, we lovers of mango begins to drool. We never even think about the mango benefits from the leaves, stem, root, seed and some other parts of mango tree, No part of the tree is useless.


Mango are filled with medicinal and healing properties. And here I’m going to introduce to you the health benefits of mango.

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The leaves are extremely beneficial and gives a rich source of Vitamin A,Vitamin B , Vitamin C, Flavonoids, Phenol contents, Niacin, Beta-carotene, Thiamine, Riboflavin and phytonutrients.


Asthenic mango leaves are often used in cooking some meal. They provide health benefits in a number of ways, but,can also be allergic to some people, particularly.

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According to some studies, the leaves of the mangoes are bane. Consequently we have to be careful while using them.


Apparently the stem, bark, leaves, roots, seeds and fruit are likewise used in traditional medicine, the leaves in particular are believed to help treat diabetes and other health conditions.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction 

2.Component in a mango leaves 

3. Benefits of Mango leaves 

4. Preparation  and Usage

Amazing benefits of mango:


– Reduces chances of diabetic Retinopathy.


– Helps to keep the kidneys and livers healthy


– Cure diabetes


– Reduces the risk of hypertension


 – Used as hair dye


– Promote hair growth


– Help to manage Obesity


-Treat earache


– Can help treat Stomach Ailments

-Relieves Anxiety


-Fever relieves


– Good for  toothache/oral cavity


-Helps to regain voice loss


-Allieviate cough


-Treat Gout


Benefits of Mango Leaves and Usage;


Different types of mango leaves usage to obtain the benefits of mango are;


1.Soaking the leaves overnight and drinking the water the next morning.


2.Adding mango leaves to the water for bathing.

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3. Powder is also available for application when it comes to skin issues.


4. When burnt, the ash can also be use for burns.


How To Make Mango Leave Tea


10 to 15 fresh mango leaves.


2 tsp of honey.


300 ml of water.


1.Take fresh and bright mango leaves or even baby leaves around 10 – 15. Place 200 ml of water in a pan and organic honey.Take the leaves and wash them properly.


2.Chop the leaves and make them into small pieces.


3.Add the leaves in a tea infuser and add honey to the infuser.


4.Boil water and add it to the infuser. Cover the infuser with the lid and let the leaves steep for around 10 mins.


5.Remove the infuser and pour the water into a cup or glass.


Dosage of Mango Leave Tea:


1.Mango leaf tea should be ideally use 2 times a day.


2. Drinking the tea on an empty stomach is also beneficial for the people suffering from diabetes and oral thrush.


3.Contains antioxidants, also beneficial to drink the tea at night for a healthy gut.

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Benefits of Mango Leaves And Its Preparations:


1.Mango Leaves Can Reduce Chances Of Diabetic Retinopathy.


Like the fruit, the leaves also have traces of vitamin A which is essential for better eye health. This is the reason the leaves can also help one to prevent damage to eyes while helping to control blood sugar levels.


The tannins present in mango leaves are usually responsible for this effect. Extracts of mango leaves help to improve insulin production and dissemination of glucose, lowering the blood sugar level.


Preparation process


Wash and sun-dry tender mango leaves and grind to a powder. Use one scoop of this powder and add it to a glass of water and drink. Consume one scoop each at morning and night to control blood sugar level.




Pluck some asthenic mango leaves (not the ripe ones, the light greenish ones that are small in size), wash it thoroughly, tear into small pieces and chew it raw.

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2. Keeps The Kidney And Liver Healthy


Kidney failure due to diabetes is common. Uncontrolled blood sugar level can do this misstep, consuming mango leaves can help deal with it. Benefits of mango to human kind can not be overlooked because it helps to dissolve kidney stones and keep the kidneys healthy. In a similar manner, they also help to fight gallstones and keep your liver healthy.


3.Cure Diabetes


Extract of mango leaves can be used to treat diabetes and asthma. Mango leaves contain phenolic constituents like caffeic acid, polyphenols such as mangiferin and gallic acid, flavonoids, volatile compounds and so forth.


All these make mango a great antidiabetic, antioxidant and antiallergic natural product.


The tender mango leaves contain tannins named anthocyanidins which are helpful in the treatment of diabetes.


When the dry mango leaves to cure diabetes are use in a powdered form, they help in treating angiopathy diabetes as well as retinopathy.


The compound named 3beta taraxerol along with ethyl acetate help in treating hyperglycemia too.


Preparation process for diabetes;


To use mango leaves for diabetes, simply boil around 15- 20 leaves of the mango tree.


Leave the water overnight to cool and drink it on an empty stomach in the morning.J


Drinking mango leaf tea is also helpful for treating diabetes when taken 2 times a day.

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4 .Reduces the Risk of Hypertension


Hypertension is an issue that is prevailing among various people these days. The benefits of mango leaves in treating hypertension as well as reducing the risk of hypertension is great.


Preparation process for hypertension;


Look for dried mango leaves use it by making some mango leaf tea out of it.


Drinking mango leaves water repeatedly is helpful for quick results.


Also, habit of drinking mango leaf water on an empty stomach daily comes with a magical impact in controlling hypertension.


5. Serves as Hair Dye


Are you tired of using those chemical dyes that’s damaging your hair? Here is a natural solution to your hair colouring. The mango leaves is useful for the hair by giving it a natural black colour.

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The flavonoids present in the mango leaves have the ability to colour the hair black in a natural way without adding any kind of chemical in it.


How to use on hair;


Take some asthenic mango leaves or fresh leaves from a soft branch and make a paste out of it.


Add water if required to make a thick paste.


Apply the paste on the hair and wash your hair after 15 minutes with water.

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6. Aids Hair Growth


Benefits of mango leaves for hair growth is among the old natural methods used for growing hair rapidly. The leaves are rich in nutrients like Vitamin A, B and C which boosts the production of collagen that is important for healthy hair. The technique is also helpful for dull hair as it adds shine to the hair. It also treats dandruff and scalp by nourishing it.


How To Use Mango Leaves For hair growth;


Make a fine paste of mango leaves. You can add other ingredients like amla powder, aritha powder, etc. to the paste.


Apply the paste on your hair and allow it to settle for 10 mins. Wash it out.


7.Benefits of mango leave on Obesity/ weight loss


Mango benefits human in managing obesity, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome by interfering with fat metabolism.


Multiple animal studies have found that mango leaf extract inhibits fat accumulation in tissue cells. Another study in mice shows that cells treated with a mango leaf extract had lower levels of fat deposits and higher levels of adiponectin.

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Adiponectin is a cell signaling protein that plays a role in fat metabolism and sugar regulation in your body. Higher levels may protect against obesity and obesity related chronic diseases.


In a study in rats with obesity, those fed mango leaf tea in addition to a high fat diet gained less abdominal fat than those given only the high fat diet.


In a 12-week study in 97 adults with excess weight, those given 150 mg of mangiferin daily had lower fat levels in their blood and scored significantly better on an than did those given a placebo.


Preparation Process For Weight Loss;


For reducing weight, add mango leaves in your diet for a month.


Drinking mango leaf water on empty stomach is also advisable.


8. Good for Treatment of Earaches


Also, benefits of mango leave helps to treat ear ache  which can be quite irritating and using this home remedy provides good relief on time.


Preparation process for Ear Ache;


Heat the juice slightly before using it.


A teaspoon of juice extracted from mango leaves should be use as eardrops to provides relieve from earache.


9.Treat Stomach Ailment and Problems


The regular intake of this infusion acts as a good stomach tonic and helps prevent various stomach ailments.


Since the leaves of mango tree are available throughout the year, using them for home remedies is easy.

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The antioxidant and antimicrobial properties help treat various ailments efficiently.


Preparation For Stomach Ailments;


Soak some mango leaves in warm water and close the container with a lid.


Let it stay overnight, drink the remedy the next day on an empty stomach, to prevent any stomach illnesses.


10.Relieves Anxiety


Benefits of mango leaves helps people suffering from restlessness due to anxiety, the mango leaves provide a good home remedy. Adding two to three glasses of mango leaf tea to the bath water also helps to treat uneasiness, stress and refreshes the body.


How To Prepare For Anxiety Treatment;


You can prepare mango leaf tea and drink it, or add two to three glasses of it to your bathwater


to the bathwater


Thus, it will soothe and refreshes you.


11. Aids Fever Relief


Drinking mango leaf extract during fever is also helpful in bringing the body temperature down and relieving the individual. It should however be noted that fever is caused as a defense mechanism by the body to shield us from greater problems. Hence it is better to get checked by the doctor when having fever.


Mango leaves benefits don’t have any side effects as such but it is highly advisable not to overuse them because as the saying goes “Too much of good can also prove to be bad”. So, go ahead and reap the health benefits of mango leaves.


12. Use for Treatment of Toothache


In case of a toothache, burn a few dried mango leaves and apply the ashes to the tooth which is the cause of the pain. The benefits of mango leaf extract is amazing, it can also be used for rinsing the mouth or gargling because of the ingredient it posses in some mouthwash.


13. Helps To Regain Voice Loss


Consumption of mango leaves extract regularly is also said to be useful in treating aphonia or the loss of voice. It’s advisable to drink it twice or thrice daily.


14.Cures All Kinds of Cough


Drinking mango leaf extract few times daily when suffering from cough will help in treating cough, common cold, bronchial cough, and asthma, etc. In short, mango leaf extract helps in treating respiratory problems too.

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15. Mango benefits in Treating Gout


Gout disease is a condition that can cause unbearable pain, swelling, and hot feeling in the joints. Although all joints in the body can be attacked by gout, the most frequent are fingers, knees, ankles, and toes. Men are more prone to have uric acid than women, especially when they are over 30 years old. While women are usually at risk after menopause.


How to Prepare Mango Leaves for Gout;


Get some asthenic mango leaves and take out their extract by boiling and soaking them in water.


Add a little sugar to this extract and drinking this regularly every morning and night will clear up the uric acid and treat tout.

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