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Bay Leaf: Health Benefits and Side Effects

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Bay leaf is a common kitchen spice leaves use in many homes. It’s a scented leaf from the laurel tree that is used as an herb. Bay leaves are available either fresh or dried(grounded into powder).

The leaves are added to food recipes such as soups, sauces, and stews and are removed before serving the dish.

Benefits of Bay Leaves

1. Bay leaves help to treat digestive disorders and helps to relieve heartburn.

2. It regulates the bowel movements when taking as hot tea early in the morning, it cleans your colon and prevents constipation.

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3. It’s very useful for treating colds, flu, and severe cough because it has a rich source of Vitamin C, just boil the leaf and inhale the steam to get rid of phlegm and reduce the cough severity.

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4. Bay leaves are very rich in antioxidants that prevent the formation of cancer cells in the body.

5 Bay leaves protect the heart from seizures and strokes as it contains cardiovascular protective compounds.

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6. It helps to eliminate bad cholesterol and relieves the body of triglycerides.

7 Bay leaves are very good in treating anxiety and insomnia if taken early in the morning in the form of tea and taken before bedtime at night.

8 Bay leaf also helps to treat kidney stone drinking a cup of boiled bay leaves twice a day and you get relieved of the symptoms.

Possible Side Effect of Bay Leaf; 

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Bay leaves should not be consumed whole. The leaf remains intact and cannot be digested. It may become lodged in the throat or cause damage to the intestinal tract if consumed like that.

Bay leaf and grounded bay leaf are likely safes when consumed in an amount typically found in food. It is also possibly safe when taken medicinally for short periods of time.

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