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Bad Breath Is Ruining My Life & 10 Best Practices To Overcome It


Bad breath is ruining my life, what should I do? Bad breath or halitosis is an embarrassing condition caused by bacteria that radiate from the tongue to the throat thus leading to the production of terrible smells from the mouth.

However, if proper oral hygiene is not well sustained, bad breath can set in at any time. Many other factors could also be responsible for bad breath apart from poor oral hygiene.

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“Bad breath is ruining my life” Yeah, Bad breath is enough to ruin a relationship, and don’t be a reason why people around you turn necks around when you talk.

Bad Breath Is Ruining My Life and What Could Be The Causes:

1. When you don’t brush and floss your mouth regularly, bacteria will accumulate on every bit of food leftover in your mouth and between your teeth. The sulfur compound released by these bacteria makes your mouth smell. Also when plaque is not brushed away at least twice per day, it produces a foul odor and leads to another smelling process from tooth decay.

Because we tend to get familiar with our breath, it’s hard for a person to tell if he or she has bad breath. So it’s advisable  to ask a close friend or family to gauge your mouth odor

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2. Dry mouth

This could happen when on medication and the side effect of those medications could reduce the production of saliva thus giving room for bacteria to thrive well.

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3. Other medical conditions like diabetes, liver problem, and kidney problems.

Bad breath is ruining my life

Generally, the major causes of bad breath are bacteria infection, poor oral hygiene, and diet. Some food odors can not leave your mouth at once even after brushing your teeth.  For example, foods like garlic, onions, fish, beans make the mouth more offensive after a few minutes of eating them. Mind you, such types of foods are not too good or advisable when going for a  date, special outing, interview, or else you’re blasted.

Bad Breath is Ruining My Life & What To Do;

1. Wash your mouth after each meal

Washing of mouth after eating to leave the mouth fresh and free of odor is recommended. Make it a routine and with time it becomes part of you. Although in the hustle of the day, it may be difficult to try it after eating launch in the office But don’t worry, you can still manage to practice it a little.

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2. Use  approved toothbrush and toothpaste

This is very necessary, not all toothbrushes in the market are certified for your use by the regulatory bodies. Always look for a dentist-endorsed toothbrush that can give you the quality breath you want. What toothpaste are you using? Fluoride-free or Fluoride toothpaste?  I know many are already confused, yes! Because you see many products in the market claiming to be the best, either with fluoride or fluoride-free.

Bad breath is ruining my life

3 Correct Washing Technique

Always wash the tongue well because it’s the main organ that harbors bacteria that cause bad breath. Also, wash the inner part of the mouth and teeth to bring out the food debris that may give you an unpleasant odor.

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 4. Take Enough Water

Bad breath is ruining my life, and you still wonder why you need to take water to prevent bad breath, okay! When the mouth is too dry, bad breath is the next thing that set in. You should experiment it when fasting. Drinking a lot of water keeps your mouth moist.

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5  Always use Bitter- Leaf Stick occasionally

I have tried this many times and it works for me. Bitter leaf stick contains anti-bacterial, anti-fungal properties. Once in while use the bitter leaf stick. It helps to get rid of some stubborn bacterial in the mouth. It’s just normal chewing and you rinse your mouth with clean water.

6. Bad breath is ruining my life and you still take this spicy, avoid onion, garlic, and spicy food because the odor takes time to leave the mouth even after brushing.

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7. Sugary food is also linked to bad breath, you should reduce your sugar intake

8. Reduce coffee and alcohol consumption as well

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9. Take some sugar-free gums and mints, it temporarily masks the odor for few times

10. See your dentist regularly.


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