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9 Amazing Health Benefits of Banana Leaf Tea

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Banana leaf tea is beneficial for the wellness, the benefits of this tropical plant leave are spreading in another part of the world and people are including fresh banana leave as well as a dried leave in the daily life.

Let’s find out how fresh as well as dried organic banana leave can support health and wellness. Apart from serving a variety of food on a large banana leave, you can also try it for other health, wellness, and beauty benefits. Dried banana leave can be used as an infusion, making tea or boil it to make a decoction.

The 9 benefits of banana leaves tea are :
High in antioxidant

Banana leave is high in polyphenols, a type of antioxidant. Antioxidants are needed to fight many ailments and disorders caused by free radicals in the body. The high antioxidant also knows to prevent early aging signs such as wrinkles and dull skin. You can drink banana leave tea 1-3 times a day.

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Cures sore-throat

The sore- throat is a symptom of many respiratory-related illnesses and mostly caused by viruses. Drinking banana leave decoction at least once in a day reduce the sore throat gradually.

Reduces Fever

Antioxidant and astringent components in banana leaves are good substances to reduce inflammation which often takes form in fever. The astringent effect will also soothe the unease feeling for a fever. To reduce the fever, you can drink the decoction 3 times a day

Boost immune system

Dried banana leaf tea contains allantoid, a substance is known to boost the immune system, the id healing process and that are why banana leave can cure sore- throat and fever which is mainly caused by the ow immune systems Drink banana leaf at least once in a day.

Heals wound and skin irritation

Fresh banana leave is used traditionally to cure wounds and irritation. Just crush some banana leaves by a mortar then put it on the affected area. You can bind it with a bandage to prevent the leave from falling away. Change the leave 2-3 times a day.

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Maintain healthy hair

This leave extract can cure dandruff, maintain ha healthy scalp, and keep the natural color of the hair. It is proven to be very effective against itchy and sore- scalp. Take banana leaf then crush it with ba lender. Apply it as a ha air mask on the scalp for 10- 15 minutes, then rinse it off with cold water. Using this hair mask regularly will also make the hair look shiny and more beautiful.

Maintain healthy skin

It also helps to maintain and promote healthy skin. The fresh leave his crush with mortar or blender, then apply it to the face or all over the body. The components in the banana leave prevent early aging the skin such as wrinkles, dark spots reduce acne, and pimples, and make the skin moist and soft.

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Reduce cellulitis and body weight

The traditional spa also use banana leaves as a traditional weight loss program

Food wrapper

Banana leaves give pa articular pleasant aroma that can increase our appetite. Food wrapped in green banana leave also looks beautiful. Rice or other food wrapped in banana leaves for taking- away will last longer. Banana leave has some antimicrobial effect which can kill germs that cause food to rot. Banana leave is also good to wrap fruits, it keeps the fruit colors, firmness, and lasts longer.

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The leave has no toxic effect and no side effects. In fact, animals like goats can eat a lot of banana leave and remain healthy. So, we can drink banana leave tea or decoction anytime we want.



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