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    Age-Bound, Chores Done


    As important as chores are, it is also important to ensure we are assigning age-appropriate tasks.

    Because our children develop different skills with age, assigning them with chores they aren’t ready for may cause frustration and irritability.

    The key to making their chores a little enjoyable is to ensure that they are actually do-able for the child.
    4-year and 5-year-olds, for example, can do well to put away their toys, feed pets, and water plants, but they cannot be of much help when it comes to car washing or floor mopping. These tasks are still difficult for them.
    those chores are more appropriate for older children (10 years old and above). Make sure you assign only age-appropriate chores. You’ll see that the child will be more than willing to do it if it is do-able and easier for them.

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    However, all children are different.  Some mature and develop more rapidly than others and they might be able to handle a little more despite their age.

    That is why is it best that you select chores for your child that are not only age-appropriate, but that is a good fit for their developmental stage.

    Some children, especially older ones, might have other responsibilities outside of the home.

    This is especially true for a younger child who is just starting to learn about responsibility and duties.

    Chore Rewards

    Chore Rewards can be anything you consider appropriate for their age and they can be given at the end of the week.

    You can always opt to reward your child weekly with something they like as an incentive for good behavior and for being responsible (go out for ice cream or buy them a book).

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    You can brainstorm with your children as to what the rewards should be. Discussing rewards with them will motivate them to get their chores done on time.

    By Doing Some Chores Together

    Children learn from their parents not just in the things we tell them, but through the things that we show them. We are their models! So, if you constantly assign them chores, but you hardly do any other chores yourself, they will grow a little resentful. Take time to do some of those chores together.

    Help your child place away from the dishes after washing them, have them pour disinfectant while you are mopping parts of the kitchen floor, or pull out some weeds together during a lovely Sunday afternoon. Aside from helping them a little bit with their tasks, you also get to have some quality bonding time!

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    Choose a Resting Day for your child

    This can be part of your reward system, but it can also be an entirely different scheme altogether.
    Let your child have the option to choose a rest day – a day that they don’t have to touch anything or do any chores. Like any task, doing chores all day for the whole month can burn them out, and it will be difficult to make them participate again.

      Also, try to offer them some guidance and give proper instructions to avoid some accidents while working.

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