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    Abass Akande Obesere And Wife Tolanikawo


    Alhaji Abasss Akande Obesere also known as Omo Rapala remains the only fuji musician that has not followed the trends of marrying more than one wife in the Fuji industry unlike his other colleagues in the music industry.

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    The beautiful wife of Obesere, Mrs. Tolanikawo Akande is the only wife and mother of the five children Obesere had.

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    She and the children reside in Dublin where she Is enjoying her marriage to the musician.

    Here’s is what he has to say ” It’s God that has done this and I one it is the way he wants it. I never vowed or went into a covenant with God that I would have only one wife so it has nothing to do with human wisdom but the grace of God. But I have not said that I will not marry another wife but  don’t have any plan like that; I have never given it a thought.”

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    In 2017, the Fuji musician built a mansion for his wife in the city of Ibadan. He commended the wife for being a good woman that endures everything with her.

    Many will wonder why Alhaji Abass Akande Obesere could stick to one woman with the nature of the song he sang in those days.

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    Then, Obesere is Oba Asakasa, Omo Rapala, Baba Tosibe,  and so on. He became popular with all these songs.

    The above mansion was the house built by the Fuji musician as a gift to the beautiful wife.




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