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    8 Things Couple Should Never Do at Their Wedding Reception

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    The wedding ceremony should be all about the couple only,  but let’s be honest, the reception is all about showing your guests a great time. Of course, it should be a celebration to remember, for all of those in attendance and yourself involved. But It’s quite just as if not more important than your guests enjoy themselves too, In reality, if your guests don’t have a good time, you won’t either. To ensure no guests leave feeling like well…. but the best and memorable day you want to leave in their memories, here are the eight things you should definitely never ever do in your wedding reception. If you can avoid all this I promise you, everyone will have a blast.

    1. Never Play Offensive Music

    It doesn’t matter, what the adults and the underage would listen to should be clean and appropriate for everyone. Yes,  you can play popular songs, but with vulgarities should be avoided. Just ask your DJ to give clean versions, older guests will not appreciate dirty lyrics so don’t offend Grandmas and Grandpas. Even If they are comfortable with it, don’t associate your special day with tacky lyrics.

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    2. Never Disappear For Too Long

    Make it a point to stay visible. This is just plain common sense, everyone has came out of their way to celebrate you and its a disappointment if you’re not there to bask  it. This is just a one-day event where everyone will want to see you.

    3. Never Get Too Drunk

    As the main attraction of the day, it’s your responsibility to keep yourself in line. Don’t get upset, am not saying you shouldn’t drink, but try to stay in your right sense if you don’t want to regret the day.

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    4 Never Shout at Your Servers

    Leave every conflict to your supporting maids. If something seems to be going wrong, calmly do what you can to deal with it,  pass it along, and then move on. No party goes off perfectly without a hitch anyway but don’t let the frustration get to you.

    5. Never Argue with Guests

    If a guest is doing or saying something truly offensive, ask your mother or maids of honor to deal with it or ignore it and address it later. Nothing is uglier than an angry bride yelling at everyone on her wedding day

    6. Never Open or Check Gifts

    Your wedding reception is not the place to inspect presents or guess what they might be wrapped inside or worse actually open them. Mind you, the spotlight is on you, and greedy is never a good look.

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    7 Never Handover Money or Valuables to Anyhow Person

    Some guest’s intention is to steal from you by moving too near you. Always handover all your things to a trustworthy person who can give an account back.

    8. Never Get There Late or Leave Early

    It’s your party, so you better be there!  A wedding reception can truly start without the bride and effectively ends when you leave. Your presence is what holds the party.

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