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8 Bad Habits that can be Harmful to Your Breast


How often do you think about your breast? Regardless of how your breast makes you feel – feminine, athletic, sexy, or insecure the fact remains that we all need to focus more time and attention on what is happening inside our breast, the gland tissue, and duct. But how do you pay attention to something you can’t really see? Well, you must practice healthy behavior that helps to prevent breast cancer. Food such as fruit and veggies, fiber-rich foods, and so on.

Things that may affect your breast health

1. Wearing a wrong sized bra

You might think that wearing a bit tight bra can be very attractive. But it’s quite harmful. The restrictive space in the bra cup can disrupt the blood flow to your breast. It can lead to soreness and tissue damage which can eventually become cancerous.

2. Piercing Nipple
If you like piercing or other cosmetic procedures, it’s better to leave the nipple alone. The nipples are quite close to the lymphatic system and any infection due to piercing may prone the breast to further health risk

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3. Sleeping on your tummy
In case you like sleeping on your tummy facing down, it is better to use a pillow to adjust your body to the height where you don’t have to put pressure on your breast. Otherwise, this may affect the blood flow and the shape of this organ.

4. Using unnecessary cosmetic
All women are differently endowed. Having a certain size or slight difference between the two boobs is absolutely normal. Rather than interfering with what is natural and going for cosmetic surgery which can be quite risky

5. Smoking
Smoking is a very bad habit and affects the skin and the body at all times. Your breast gets affected rigorously from this activity. Smoking ages and weaken the skin by reducing the blood supply to the surface of the skin. This can be harmful to your breast and make them lose shape.

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6. Crash Diet
If you’re the kind of person who continuously keeps a check on your diet, then you should know that it can affect your breast. A reduction or increase of 10 pounds here and there will not make much difference on your breast. But a decrease of 30 pounds at a stretch will surely show. It will make your mammary gland to drop, it makes the tissue to slack.

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7. Removal of hair
Hair growth can happen at any part of the human body. It completely depends on tackling it. There are chances that hair may grow around the nipple area, on the boobs, or even at the cleavage. But this should not make you panic and take drastic steps that you will regret later. If you shave or pluck out the hair with a pair of tweezers or even if you use chemical cream it can affect your breast to lose its tender feel or softness. This can also make your breast to go out of shape

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8. Warts on the breast
Many women see pimples or little whiteheads on their breast and they take it for skin warts and want it removed. But this should not be the case, using metallic plucks or sharp pins to get rid of this can be fatal for you. The truth is, they are the sensory terminals on the mammary gland and helps to stimulate the breast during breastfeeding or while having sex.

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