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6 Secret Pregnant Moms Should Never Hide

Pregnant moms

Pregnant moms should completely trust someone apart from their mother, Either her Doctor/Midwife. Your doctor or midwife is probably one who knows you better than your mother during your pregnancy.

From medical point of view:

You may find yourself struggling to communicate effectively with your midwife or doctor

Pregnant moms need to remember that their doctors or midwifes is an inseparable part of their entire pregnancy and having a healthy baby depends on your relationship with does health care givers.

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Secret Pregnant Moms should never hide away from doctors/midwives :

1 You are scared of being pregnant

This is a normal feeling. Once it sinks in that a delicate being is growing inside you. It’s bound to give you the jitters.

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The self-doubt of whether you’re capable of handling this fragile being with care.

Whatever might be the reason your doctor or midwife will help you address your emotions properly.

2. Pregnant moms Consuming Alcohol

If you can’t completely give up alcohol, do not hide this from your doctor.

Taking alcohol in pregnancy can harm the baby, so let your doctor know about this, there could be a way out for you..

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3. You are Addicted to Smoking

Unlike alcohol where a small amount occasionally may not have a fatal effect on the baby, smoking passively has grave consequences.

It may affect the blood vessels of the placenta, resulting in delayed or degenerated growth of the fetus.

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Once your doctor is aware, a repeated sonography scan to monitor the fetus will be highly considered.

4. You are stress with the Pregnancy

Your health, as well as your baby’s health, is very paramount. As a pregnant mom Its natural to experience stress during pregnancy.

Just make sure your inform the doctor about the kind of stress you are facing

He or she can, in turn, suggest the best ways to combat stress like yoga classes and a warm shower.

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5. You Have More Than One Lover

If you have intimate with more than one lover, this is something you should let your doctor know about.

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Before you think you will be judged she may consider your intimate interactions and perform tests to keep check sexually transmitted diseases and safeguard against infection.

6. Pregnant moms with an Abusive Husband

For instance, if your husband has been abusive of late, then your doctor or midwife is the best confidante you can get to express yourself.

In essence, your doctor can get into the picture to help you heal physically and emotionally.

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Finally, if you’re passing through these as a pregnant mom, don’t keep it away from your midwife. She could be in the best position to save you out.


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