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    7 Things Every Woman Should Do After Having S3x


    Practicing some good post-coiital hygiene will definitely help you to preclude infections and germs that may create bigger health issues.

    It might as well be tempting to skip that part and fall straight to sleep, but that one window right after love-making is to take action in order to ensure that no undesirable bacteria can set in, most especially where you can reach to clean.

    Things Every woman Should Do are;

    1 Pee first

    You should pee, even if you do not feel to do so. Some outside molecules, including the bacteria, are able to enter the urethra, your urinary tract tube, quite easily during seex thus putting you at risk of contracting urinary tract infection.

    And the best way to flush out that harmful intruder is by peeing, even though you don’t feel a compelling urge to do so

    If it so happens that for sure you have nothing to pee, drink a glass of water and then use the bathroom later.

    2. Clean Up Yourself

    Having a full shower will take care of most aspects of your post-coiital cleanup. But you should avoid using extremely hot or cold water because your private parts will still be tender from into ate activities.

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    Use mild soap, there is definitely no need for anything extra like perfumed or even feminine washes, which can in turn actually damage the PH in your vag!na.

    In case you don’t take a full shower, you can gently rinse your private area with warm water and use a clean towel to wipe every part of your body that might be exposed to bacteria. Also, you need to be very careful of some wipes and sprays in the market nowadays because some are made with harsh chemicals. Also avoid detergent, perfumes, or lotions that are actually very unsuitable for skin and avoid pads and tampons that have a scent.

    3. Wash Your Mouth

    Mouthwash eradicates germs and bacteria in your mouth. Your mouth is part of what you used for the foreplay, but do not forget to clean it up after use. Some certain sexually transmitted infections like chlamydia and gonorrhea can also be contracted from the mouth as well.

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    Mouth wash particularly is most effective in killing bacteria for this purpose. Just gargle your mouth for about 15- 20 seconds then spits, and rinse away all those unwelcome germs with water.

    Note, brushing with a toothbrush might not be a good idea because you can transfer the germs into your brush and your brush will continue to harbor the germs.

    4 Wash Your Toys

    Even though it is perfectly normal to use toys and lubrication to help with inter course, these must be washed as well to prevent it from sheltering bacteria

    5. Douching is Never Encouraged

    This is the one thing on the list that you should not do in your cleanup routine. Douching is a misguided and old method that is now discouraged because it had been found that douching can lead to more infection rather than to eliminate it. The vag!na has it’s own self – cleansing mechanism that includes the normal flora that helps to keeps the PH levels healthy and balanced.

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    6. Change to Clean Underwear

    Some body fluids that stain your underwear and clothes will develop bacteria, so those underwear are probably not something you want to wear again so, therefore, drop it in your laundry basket and pick clean underwear to wear. Also, don’t forget your bedspread, it needs to be washed as well to be free of germs

    7. Do Necessary STDs Test

    Before jumping into bed with your boyfriend/girlfriend, you should definitely know about your partners’ sexual health. Ask him or her about this even if it’s an uncomfortable topic to bring up. But in case you are not sure of your partner’s health, check for symptoms like sores around the genitals, unusual discharge, swellings. But it’s always the best to get an STDs test done to be very safe after s3x.

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