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6 Things Every Bride Should Do Before She Sleeps on her Wedding Night


The wedding night is always an exhausting night for both couples, but you’ve made the wedding and all it remains is how you and your partner will enjoy the intimacy together to the fullest.  Despite the exhaustion, you’ll still need to get these 5things down before going to bed that night.

5 Things Every Bride Should Do Before Going to Bed on Wedding Night


1. Pack Up Your Things

Your dress, shoes, accessories and so on.  Anything you’re not taking away with you for your honeymoon should be packed up and given to your maid of honor, mom, or sibling so that they bring it when you are back home fully.

2. Hang Your Gown

If you plan on preserving your wedding gown, be sure to hang it up before you go to bed that night. Yes, it will be cleaned and pressed before going into the box, but you still don’t want to throw onto a chair or in a corner, where it can possibly tear or lose any beading or embellishments. Every bride that may still need her gown should handle it well.

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3. Keep the Top Tier of your Wedding Cake

Freezing the top tier of your wedding cake and eating it on your first wedding anniversary is a common marriage tradition. If you want to do so with your cake, appoint someone to wrap up your cake properly and put it in the freezer for you.

 4. Pack Your Gifts Together

Wedding gifts and cards need to be collected and brought to your home by a trusted family member or friend. It’s best to entrust someone before the actual day, but you’ll definitely want to follow up with that person to make sure the task was completed before you go to bed on your wedding night.

5. Take off Makeup

It’s reasonable beauty advice to take off your makeup before going to bed. So even if you’re absolutely exhausted after this long day and you probably will be, you should still wash your face before you rest your head for the night.





6. Check on on Your Travel Plans

If you’re spending your honeymoon outside your home or leaving for your honeymoon the next day, check on the status of your flight either online or by phone to make sure your departure time. Try to set up this ahead of time.





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