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    How to make long distance relationship work

    Long distance relationship

    How to make long-distance relationships work is the role of both parties.Falling in love is easy but keeping the love is somehow tactical. When lovers are around each other, the issues to be handled are minimal but if either of the spouses stays far away, it requires patience and some works to keep the spark alive. Are you having issues keeping a long-distance relationship, here are steps to make it strong and promising?

    How to make your long distance relationship work are:

    1. Always text or call each other before going to bed and when you get up.

    Letting your significant other know that you are thinking about him/her when you go to bed at night and right, as you wake up in the morning, lets him/her know that is loved and cared about.

    It takes less than 30 seconds and this can make a big difference in his/her day.

    2. Make Seeing Each Other A Priority

    Depending on just how far away you are, this one will vary.

    But that is no excuse for not visiting each other. (Unless, again, one is deployed).

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    Even if you can only see each other once every six months, make it a priority and plan.

    Just knowing that you will see each other soon will give both of you a burst of joy and excitement that will help rekindle your love.

    You know that feeling you get when you’re planning a vacation? The butterflies the second you book the flight until you get on the plane?! That’s what you both will be experiencing as you count down the days to see each other.

    3. Have An End In Sight

    This is the absolute most important one that many couples neglect.

    Are you doing long-distance indefinitely or will you be merging your two worlds at some point?

    This is important to address!

    A long-distance relationship can work, but only if there is a clear finish line.

    Whether that finish line is graduation, finishing a job, or deployment; there is a clear and definite end to the separation.

    One of you didn’t move away forever with no future indication of being together. If that is the case, the relationship may be doomed as there is no future together.

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    Sit down to discuss where the relationship is going and whether or not you can see each other long-term.

    I know it’s a tough conversation to have, but it’s very important.

    Always have your next trip planned out.

    It is essential to always know the next time you will be seeing each other.

    Many long-distance couples refuse to leave each other until they have the next tripped planned out.

    It makes it so much easier to know when you will see each other next.

    4. Trust Each Other

    Ah, Trust.

    One of the most important aspects of, well, any relationship.

    But in long-distance relationships, it’s even more crucial. Both for the health of the relationship and your mental sanity.

    You won’t be spending Friday nights with your beau so you have to 100% trust each other.

    On another note, if you feel like you can’t trust your man/woman, and have to be with them at all times to make sure they aren’t being deceitful, that relationship isn’t healthy for either one of you.

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    Try and work through your trust issues. Don’t check their social media accounts constantly.

    5. Send surprise gifts

    Sending surprise gifts is so much fun for both sides of the relationship!

    It’s one of the best ways how to make a long distance relationship work.

    The anticipation of knowing that you have a surprise coming to your partner and your partner being surprised is exciting for the relationship.

    I like to send surprise gifts that coordinate with the holiday. For example, for Valentine’s day, I sent my boyfriend an all-red package. I included all red food, random red knick-knacks, and red confetti.

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    I purchased most things from the Dollar Store so it was extremely inexpensive but my boyfriend loved it.

    If your partner mentions something that they’ve been wanting, it’s always fun to also send that to them. It shows that you have been listening to their wants.

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