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    Just 3 months into marriage, wife pour Pepper into her husband eye, then stab him with scissor (photos)


    Mr. and Mrs. Oghenedoro Donald got married three months ago, on the 12th of September in Sapele but not quit long, the wife stabbed her husband during fight.

    The young man decided to open a ahop along Odeh Road by Major Bowen for the lady so she can go on with her sewing business. Little did they know that the shop would be the cause of their many issues.

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    According to the young man, he advised his wife to close early due to the way Sapele has been a bit ‘hot’ lately in terms of violence, but the lady chose to close late instead. This began to bring issues.

    After one of their several fights, the lady decided to leave for her sister’s place around 4am one morning, apparently due to the fight. From the young man’s narrative, he advised the lady to wait a little since it was still dark. She refused, and he decided to hold on to her bags. Another fight ensued, and he claimed that the lady poured pepper on his eyes and went on to stab him on the neck with a scissors.

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    When the woman was questioned, she claimed that it was the man who poured pepper into her eyes, and she only acted in self defense.

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    According to neighbors in the area, the couple has been having issues since they got married.

    After this incident happened, the lady run away but was seen in her shop yesterday. Her husband got there, and another fight ensued. He then went ahead to lock the shop.

    Photos below

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