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    13 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before You Wed Your Partner


    You might have been together for a while and are considering taking a big step like engagement or marriage, or you just started seeing one another and aren’t sure if you should stay together forever.

    Whatever the situation, here are the twenty questions you must be able to answer before you proceed in the relationship.

    Here are the questions you must, first of all, ask yourself and your boyfriend or girlfriend in other to assess your relationship.

    1. This is for better or worse. Are u prepare for this? Does your partner encourage you to be your best self, or does he she get intimidated by any triumphs and feel more secure when you’ re not putting your best foot forward. Does he or she make you secure and loved do they create drama and leave you sitting in a sea of uncertainty?

    Healthy partners bring about a sense of calm and excitement when a toxic partners will deplete and demoralize you.

    2. Am I happy to be in this relationship?

    The Idea of sharing a life together is not to find someone to complete you or make you happy.But let’s face the reality being unhappy at home can seep into other aspects of your life. If you’re always fighting or just generally feeling great about your twosome, it doesn’t mean you should force yourself into that relationship.

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    3. Can we have fun together?

    This is important, have you ever seen two people sit across from one another in silence at brunch though they are being forced to walk through their day together. You should be able to answer this question.

    4. Why am I in this relationship?

    Is it because of your respect, love, trust, and value the person you are with? Or because you’re afraid of being alone, worried about finances, or have built a life you’re scared to leave.

    5. Do I really trust my partner?

    For some, the immediate response to this can be devastating. If you’re one of them, it’s time to ask why and how you begin to build or rebuild trust.

    6. Am I with a Good Person?

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    Knowing what you know about your partner today, can you vouch for him or her if you happen to be a friend. You should be able to tell how good your partner Is to others.

    7. Am I attracted to my partner?

    Physical attraction is hardly the most important component in a relationship, but forcing yourself to be in a relationship with someone who you’re not attracted to just because it’s comfortable or effect on paper clothes fits him/ her well Isn’t fair enough to choose.

    8. Am I a Parent or a Partner?

    Taking care of someone you are a great thing to do, but when you feel like you’ re raising a boyfriend or worse a husband, things get a little complicated.

    This is how long a Sex should last

    9. Does my partner have my back?

    Do you feel like you’re part of a loyal team who stands up for one another and shows a united front even when there is not around? Or do you feel like you’re constantly being thrown under by your mate?

    10. Are we looking in the same direction?

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    Some couples avoid having talks on their future, religion, marriage, and babies because they think all this will somehow just work themselves out. By the time they realize what happening, they are already in complicated painful situations that leave one or both feeling a little bit duped.

    11. Are we growing together?

    Being a human being living on this earth, we all have a right to grow, develop, and create a full life ourselves. are you and your partner still indulging in your passions and growing as individuals?

    12. Am I still me?

    Being in love with someone should not require changing our identity to fit someone else idea of who we should be on any level.

    13. What is my gut telling me?

    Do you feel like this relationship is healthy and moving at a healthy pace in a positive direction?

    Once you can ask yourself all this question before you proceed in your relationship, good luck to you dear.

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