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    10 Factors to Consider before Choosing Wedding Date


    After celebrating your engagement, what follows is your wedding plans. Either you want everything performed by the professional planners or by yourself. You will still need to consider these 10 aspects when planning to pick the date for your marriage.

    1. Meaningful Dates

    One of the places to start when narrowing down marriage date options is to consider dates meaningful to you, your finance,   both of your families.

    Think about whether you would like to get married on the anniversary of your first date or the date you got engaged. A few other dates to consider like the anniversaries of your loved one, birthday, or graduation day. A good memorable day in the past can also be considered.

    2. Your Budget

    You will want to consider getting married during a time when the majority of your wedding must-haves are in season, like foods. You will also want to consider popular times when others are getting married, including seasons and days of the week. The dry season is the most popular time to get married, while Saturdays are the most desirable days. There are always season, month days that are just as wonderful to get married that may not quite as high a price. Make sure to consider those too, and respect your budget.

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    3. Wedding Style

    Although you will completely design your wedding after setting your date, it’s important to have an idea about your ideal marriage style. You should know what you want before consulting an event planner.

    4. Lighting

    Throughout the year the sun sets at different times. Even though you might be planning your wedding towards dry season or rainy season. Always know that the presence or lack of natural light will change the amount type of lightening you will need to present at your wedding venue to have a colorful party.

    5. Season

    The temperature and weather patterns are so important to consider when choosing your wedding season. If you’re contemplating hosting your wedding when the temperature is more moderate or may want to consider a dry season, however, note that those seasons are typically also during the height of the wedding season. Consider the weather when choosing the date for your wedding it’s very much Important.

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    6. Your Length of Engagement

    Think about the ideal length you would like to engage, and also the ideal length of time you would like to have a plan for your wedding. Know what’s most important to you and your fiance and be open to compromising on time and season if necessary.

    7. Holidays

    Either you definitely want to get married on or around a public holiday or you are very much against it. There are absolutely pros and cons, to all this as well.

    8. Your Schedule

    Always consider your schedule and the schedule of family and friends who you know you definitely want to present on your wedding day. Even though you may love a season, it’s best not to get married during times you are particularly stressed in life or at work, as you’re less likely to enjoy your wedding up to your wish. Also, think about the times when it will be easier for guests to travel.

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    9. Honeymoon

    If you’re planning on jetting off on your honeymoon immediately following your marriage, you will want to keep your destination’s season in mind. Additional fees may apply for the resorts, please budgets for this as well. Item to head to the slopes is likely not during the summer when there isn’t snow in sight, but the winter isn’t the most popular time to visit Europe so you may find a better-priced option.

    10. Event  planners

    If you have a dream planner on your list, make sure you contact them early. In the case of other people’s bookings that may interfere with your choosing date.





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