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7 Bad Habits to Stop while Brushing your Teeth

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We all make one or two mistakes while brushing our teeth every day. It’s what we don’t know or never get the tips on how to brush the teeth rightly.

In this article, I will like to list out  few of the ways in which we are missing out and everyone has to adjust where necessary in other to have good dental health.

1. Using a toothbrush for too long

After about 200 use of a brush, discard it. With consistent use of twice in a day for seven days it gets weak. The normal time for a toothbrush shouldn’t exceed 3months. After a couple of months,  bacteria and food particles begin to accumulate on the toothbrush. So make sure you change your toothbrush every three months.

2. Shallow Brushing of your Teeth

The recommended time for the tooth brushing session is two minutes. But tell me, how many minutes do u spend in brushing or seconds. An average person brushes for 45seconds.  Well, anything shorter than 2minute doesn’t give the component in the paste enough time to attach to the enamel. Everyone is routinely missing out on this, by cutting out the time, some part of the oral cavity is neglected. You can use a stopwatch or phone to time yourself.

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3.Rinsing Mouth Immediately

Don’t rinse your mouth with water immediately after brushing your teeth. The moment’s water enters the mix, it cut down the efficiency of the components of the toothpaste, instead, use a mouthwash that contains fluoride. Rinse, gargle, and spit out the mouthwash and that should be should,  don’t use water.

4 Not Using Dental Floss

If you don’t do this, make it a habit from now. Flossing is required at least once a day to remove plaque between your teeth. Where your toothbrush can’t reach and remove plaque.

5. Not Washing Tongue

After brushing your teeth, clean your tongue prevent bad breath, and remove bacteria.  U can use a tongue cleaner. A tongue cleaner scrapes the residual bacterial off your tongue. If you can get It, use a toothbrush that has a tongue scraper on the opposite side. You can also use the bristle of your brush to clean your tongue after brushing. Although, it’s not as good as the tongue scraper but will also get the job done for you.

6. Poor Brushing Techniques

The correct way to brush your teeth is the circular motion. You brush it in a circle round. It should be more gentle so that it can be effective to avoid injury to the gum.

7.Storing Brush in a Bathroom

This is very bad and we should desist from doing this. Bacteria from the fecal matters flush in the toilet get stuck on the brush and you just pick and use not knowing you are ingesting bacteria every day, no wonder you get sick often.

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